ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK – VB.NET – Capture WebCam Full Screen Only

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ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK – VB.NET – Capture WebCam Full Screen Only


Imports System.Threading
Imports System.Diagnostics

Imports BytescoutScreenCapturingLib ' import bytescout screen capturer activex object

' NOTE: if you are getting error like "invalid image" related to loading the SDK's dll then 
' try to do the following:
' 1) remove the reference to the SDK by View - Solution Explorer
' then click on References, select Bytescout... reference name and right-click it and select Remove
' 2) To re-add click on the menu: Project - Add Reference
' 3) In "Add Reference" dialog switch to "COM" tab and find Bytescout...
' 4) Select it and click "Add" 
' 5) Recompile the application 
' Note: if you need to run on both x64 and x86 then please make sure you have set "Embed Interop Types" to True for this reference

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
	' create capturer class
        Dim capturer As New Capturer()
        ' set capturing mode to capture from web cam only
        capturer.CapturingType = CaptureAreaType.catWebcamFullScreen

        ' set web cam name to capture from
        capturer.CurrentWebCamName = "USB"

        ' output video filename
        capturer.OutputFileName = "WebCamOnly.wmv" ' set output video filename to .WMV or .AVI file

        ' set width and height of output video
        capturer.OutputWidth = 640
        capturer.OutputHeight = 480

	' // WMV and WEBM output use WMVVideoBitrate property to control output video bitrate
   	' // so try to increase it by x2 or x3 times if you think the output video are you are getting is laggy
	' capturer.WMVVideoBitrate = capturer.WMVVideoBitrate * 2

        ' uncomment to set Bytescout Lossless Video format output video compression method
        ' do not forget to set file to .avi format if you use Video Codec Name
        ' capturer.CurrentVideoCodecName = "Bytescout Lossless"            
	' uncomment to enable recording of semitransparent or layered windows (Warning: may cause mouse cursor flickering)
	' capturer.CaptureTransparentControls = true

        ' start capturing

	'// IMPORTANT: if you want to check for some code if need to stop the recording then make sure you are 
	'// using Thread.Sleep(1) inside the checking loop, so you have the loop like
	'// Do {
	'// Thread.Sleep(1) 
	'// }
	'// While(StopButtonNotClicked);

        Console.WriteLine("Capturing entire screen for 15 seconds...")

        ' wait for 15 seconds

        ' stop capturing and flush AVI video file into the disk

        ' Release(Resources)
        capturer = Nothing


        ' open the output video 

    End Sub

End Module

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