How to add embossed text to the picture using Bytescout Watermarking Pro

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Bytescout Watermarking and Watermarking PRO are capable of watermarking pictures with embossed text Embossed Text watermark type.

NOTE: For more features like image effects please check Watermarking PRO version

First of all let’s add input image files by clicking on “Add files” button.

main windows of Watermarking - click Add Files to add pictures to process

Select desired picture (or multiple pictures while holding CTRL or SHIFT button) and click Open button to use this image (or these images) as input:

Select files to add into the input pictures list

You’ll see that the image file has been added to the list of input images:

You can preview the selected picture

Now click the Next button. You can see a couple of watermarking presets and their options at the right panel.

Please select “Text Fits Page (Embossed)” preset and press Next button to continue

Select Text Fits Page Embossed preset in the list of watermarking presets

In Watermarking PRO version you’ll see the Adjustments page of the wizard where you can set the software to resize, change resolution, apply different image effects to the output image(s) to improve protection of the image.

Click the Next button to continue

In PRO version you can add image effects to the output and resize output pictures

..and then click Start! button to finally process the image:

The program will process input image(s):

Output image: (Text Fits Page Embossed watermarking preset):

Output image with embossed text watermark applied

INFORMATION: You can also use EXIF and other photo information inside watermarked embossed text using macros in Watermarking PRO version