Bytescout Watermarking Pro is a tool to protect images and scanned documents (TIFF and other formats) with visual text, logo based watermarks and stamps

Watermarking is also capable of making LOLCat, Motivational nd Demotivation Poster (“demotivators”) pictures.

This tutorial shows how to create your own Demotivational Poster (or Motivational) picture using Bytescout Watermarking tool:

Source picture:

Source picture to create Demotivational Poster

Run Watermarking and load this source picture by clicking on “Add files” button

Click Add Files to load source picture from file

Then select image file and click Open to load this picture

click the picture and click Open to open

The picture will appear in the list of input images. Click Next button

Click Next to continue

Now click the Next button.

Find and select “Demotivation Poster” preset in the list of available presets:

Select Demotivation Poster preset

Set text (title for the poster) and description text (text 2). You can also preview the output image by clicking “Preview” button (or pressing Ctrl+P on the keyboard)

Enter Title and Description text into Text 1 and Text 2 fields

Click Next and then click Start! button on the Output page:

Click Start to create your own Demotivational Poster

The program will create demotivation poster picture:

You can open the picture, explore folder or run Watermarking wizard again

The output Demotivation Poster (you can also create Motivational Posters as well):

Demotivational Poster sample made with Bytescout Watermarking utility