How to add watermark to animated GIF file using Watermarking PRO

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Bytescout Watermarking PRO is an advanced tool to protect images with visual text, logo based watermarks and stamps. PRO version supports EXIF macros in text for watermark and also provides support for animated GIF and multipage TIFF images as input and output.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add DO NOT COPY stamp watermark to the animated GIF image

Source image (screenshot)
Output image (screenshot)

Install and start Watermarking PRO. You’ll see the main window.

First of all let’s add input image files by clicking on “Add files” button.

Main window of Watermarking. Click Add File to add input image file

Select input GIF image(s) file (single or multiple images by holding SHIFT key). Click OK and then click the Next button.

You can see a set of available presets and their options:

List of available watermarking presets

Select Stamp Fits Page watermark preset as shown below:

Select Stamp Fits Page to watermark animated image

Then select “DO NOT COPY” stamp from the list of available stamps and also change Colorize box to Red color:

Select stamp type from the list of available stamps

Now click Next button to continue .. and then click Start! button:

Click Start to start watermarking process

The program will process input photo files:

Watermarking was sucessfully done. Click Next to explorer output folder with  output images

Source image (screenshot)
Output image (screenshot)
Source animated GIF
Output animated GIF with added DO NOT COPY watermark  stamp