The VB sample code shows how to convert SWF (flash video) to PNG (image file) using Bytescout SWF To Video SDK for Visual Basic 6 developers.

The conversion SDK works as ActiveX COM object (for x86 and x64 Windows systems).

Private Sub Command1_Click()

  ' Create an instance of SWFToVideo ActiveX object
Set converter = CreateObject("BytescoutSWFToVideo.SWFToVideo")

' Set debug log

'converter.SetLogFile "log.txt"

' Register SWFToVideo
converter.RegistrationName = "demo"
converter.RegistrationKey = "demo"

' uncomment to enable PNG with transparency
' converter.RGBAMode = true ' enable BEFORE setting InputSWFFileName property

' Set input SWF file
converter.InputSWFFileName = "SlideShowWithEffects.swf"

' Set output movie dimensions

converter.OutputWidth = 640
converter.OutputHeight = 480

converter.StartFrame = 5

converter.ConvertToPNG "output.png"

Set converter = Nothing

End Sub

Sample Flash to image conversion:


Input SWF video – shapes.swf Output PNG image file – result.png