ByteScout SWF To Video SDK – C# – SWF to PNG

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ByteScout SWF To Video SDK – C# – SWF to PNG


// x64 IMPORTANT NOTE: set CPU to x86 to build in x86 mode. 

using System.Diagnostics;
using BytescoutSWFToVideo;

namespace SwfToPng
	class Program
		static void Main(string[] args)
			// Create an instance of SWFToVideo ActiveX object
			SWFToVideo converter = new SWFToVideo();

			// Set debug log

			// Register SWFToVideo
			converter.RegistrationName = "demo";
			converter.RegistrationKey = "demo";

			// Enable trasparency - set BEFORE setting swf filename
			converter.RGBAMode = true;

			// set input SWF file
			converter.InputSWFFileName = "Shapes.swf";

			// you may calculate output video duration using information about the the source swf movie
			// WARNING #1: this method to calculate the output video duration is not working for movies with dynamic scenes 
			// and interactive scripts as in these movies it is not possible to calculate the precise duration of the movie 
			// WARNING #2: you should set the input swf or flv filename (or url) before this calculation

			// So the movie duration is calculated as the following:
			// as swf frame count (number of frames in the swf) / movieFPS (frames per second defined in swf)
			// and then multiplied by 1000 (as we are setting the .ConverstionTimeout in milliseconds)
			// as the following (uncomment if you want to set the length of the output video to the same as the original swf)
			// or as the following source code (uncomment to enable):

			// converter.ConversionTimeout = 1000 * (converter.FrameCount / converter.MovieFPS)

			// Select 20th frame
			converter.StartFrame = 20;
			converter.StopFrame = 20;

			// Run conversion

			// release resources
			converter = null;

			// Open the result in default application

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