ByteScout SWF To Video SDK – VB.NET – Conversion Progress GUI

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ByteScout SWF To Video SDK – VB.NET – Conversion Progress GUI


Imports System.Windows.Forms

Imports BytescoutSWFToVideo

Public Partial Class Form1
	Inherits Form
	Public Const WM_APP As Integer = &H8000
	Public Const WM_CONVERSION_PROGRESS As Integer = WM_APP + 1

	Private swf As New SWFToVideoClass()

	Public Sub New()
	End Sub

	Private Sub buttonConvert_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
		If Not swf.IsRunning Then
			swf.SWFConversionMode = SWFConversionModeType.SWFAnimation
		        swf.ConversionTimeOut = 5000

		' you may calculate output video duration using information about the the source swf movie
		' WARNING #1: this method to calculate the output video duration is not working for movies with dynamic scenes 
		' and interactive scripts as in these movies it is not possible to calculate the precise duration of the movie 
		' WARNING #2: you should set the input swf or flv filename (or url) before this calculation

		' So the movie duration is calculated as the following:
		' as swf frame count (number of frames in the swf) / movieFPS (frames per second defined in swf)
		' and then multiplied by 1000 (as we are setting the .ConverstionTimeout in milliseconds)
		' as the following (uncomment if you want to set the length of the output video to the same as the original swf)
		' or as the following source code (uncomment to enable):

		' swf.ConversionTimeout = 1000 * (swf.FrameCount / swf.MovieFPS)

			swf.InputSWFFileName = "test.swf"
			swf.OutputVideoFileName = "test.wmv"

			swf.SetProgressNotifyWindow(Handle.ToInt32(), WM_CONVERSION_PROGRESS, 0)

		End If
	End Sub

	Protected Overloads Overrides Sub WndProc(ByRef m As Message)
		If m.HWnd = Handle AndAlso m.Msg = WM_CONVERSION_PROGRESS Then
			progressBar1.Value = m.WParam.ToInt32()
		End If

	End Sub
End Class


' x64 IMPORTANT NOTE: set CPU to x86 to build in x86 mode. WHY? Because flash is not supported on x64 platform currently at all
Imports System.Windows.Forms

NotInheritable Class Program
	Private Sub New()
	End Sub
	''' <summary>
	''' The main entry point for the application.
	''' </summary>
	<STAThread> _
	Friend Shared Sub Main()
		Application.Run(New Form1())
	End Sub
End Class

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