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ByteScout has created new online apps platform, very well-performing, quick and easy-to-use!


QR Code Generator is a fast free online application that allows you to create QR code in a few moments. You can enter any type of data to generate your barcodes:

  • Insert an URL and get a nice QR code;
  • Fill in the VCard and process it with this QR code maker easily;
  • Introduce a message and get it barcodes in a few seconds;
  • Use an e-mail message or an SMS for your fresh codes.

Free online QR code generator has an easy interface and operates fast. The QR codes are being created immediately. You can print, save or embed them.

Free QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator Screenshot

What is a QR code?

QR Code is the abbreviation of Quick Response Code, a type of matrix barcode that is machine-readable. It is one of many two dimensional barcodes available. It is widespread throughout the world and has become a very popular system in many industrial businesses. It may also be considered as a variant of the standard UPC barcode, but with greater capacity and more speed (rapid readability).

How is a QR barcode constructed?

All QR barcodes consist of a pattern of black squares located inside a square grid against a white background. It contains information about the object or item it is attached to. It employs four encoding modes that are standardized, though extensions are also available. The four modes include alphanumeric, byte or binary, numeric, and kanji. QR codes can be used for tracking purposes, identification, document or product management, and local or global marketing. Its easy-to-read construction allows for rapid reading by imaging devices.

How much can a QR code store?

A QR code’s storage capacity is dependent on the type of data input. For example, if the input mode is only numeric, then it can store up to 7,089 characters. If the input is alphanumeric (a combination of letters and numbers) then its storage capacity decreases to 4,296 characters. Other input modes such as binary data can hold 2,953 characters while the more dense Kanji or kana input will hold 1,817 characters. Either input mode gives you a manageable capacity to encode all necessary data within.

What benefits are there in using QR code software?

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to QR barcodes! For one, they are compatible with the everyday smartphone, this basically means that you can reach enormous amounts of potential clients or gain an audience by using modern type barcodes. QR codes can store a sizeable amount of data and can be read by imaging devices, like an Android or iPhone camera for example.

Though there exist a few variations on QR codes by country, it is all by Universal QR standards. Our Online QR Code Generator utilizes USA standards. All variations can typically be read by any imaging device thanks to these standards.

Where are QR codes used?

They started off being used in car industries but have grown to many aspects of finance, culture, and businesses. QR codes can be seen in marketing, entertainment, product labeling, as a directory and more. QR codes are very versatile in their use and can contain different information depending on the purpose desired and have taken over the global marketing industry thanks to its image device compatibility.

Why use ByteScout’s Online QR Code Generator?

It is free and available as an online converter, meaning you avoid downloading extra software or programs. Also, you will save time avoiding an extensive investigation on how to make a QR Code on your own. ByteScout is reliable and its QR Code software is top-notch. Learn how to create a QR Code the easy way by relying on trustworthy programs such as ours without a headache.

We love developers and want to facilitate daily tasks for them. Our online tools solve a commonly used task in a nice and fast way. We create more applications every month – stay updated!

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginners and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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