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ByteScout has developed a set of web apps, which are very comfortable and easy-to-use with the simplest interface.


Here are some of the things you can do when working with your text strings:

  • remove empty lines and double empty lines – so that the entire text becomes neat and organized;
  • remove non-alphanumeric;
  • capitalize the whole text if you typed lowercase symbols by mistake;
  • do different sorting: A -> Z and backward, sort numbers or names or randomize them.

The tool might work as the name sorter. It helps you sort the selected text alphabetically or sort numbers online.

This tool allows you doing various operations with the selected text. It is very simple and comprehensible. We try to create utilities for developers that won’t take time to use. You can save your time by using this progressive word sorter tool.

alphabet sorter organizer
App Screenshot

The tool is available as add-ons at Google Chrome Store now!
Lines Sorter for Google Sheets
Lines Sorter for Google Docs

What is a string in computer programming?

A string can be considered as a sequence of characters and is said to be a data type. Its elements can be manipulated, modified or fixed once created. It is used to define array data structures of words (which are also known as bytes). There are many types of strings, such as a string literal when it appears indirectly in a source code.

What do data strings contain?

Data strings can contain a variety of data limited to any combination of the following: spaces, numbers, letters, and punctuation. They are commonly enclosed with quotation marks in order for the parsing program to recognize it as a string, or a set of values, instead of individual characters with no relation.

What are some common sorting algorithms?

There five main sorting algorithms that can be used for different tasks and include: bubble or shell sort, insertion sort, selection sort, quick sort, and merge sort. Merge sorting divides into two parts, allowing you to sort each individual part of the divided list before merging it again. A quick sort partitions the string into two segments to be sorted recursively. A selection sort will help you find either the smallest or biggest element in an array and place it in its proper place. Insertion sort is used to scan for any element out of place I order to put it back where it belongs. The bubble or shell sort is used to exchange a pair of adjacent elements.

What is ByteScout Online Lines Sorter for?

It allows for simple, fast, and best of all, easy manipulation and/or modification of strings. This means you can do a variety of operations with your data strings without worrying about incorrect formatting or data erasure. Try it right now, with the convenience of having no need for extra software or downloads!

Sorting strings has never been such a breeze before. Engage in the easiest possible way to arrange items systematically by ordering or categorizing. When you order a set of elements you do so based on a criterion. Categorizing the elements consists of grouping said elements by similar properties. Special algorithms help make this process of sorting more efficient.

When strings are systematically sorted, they make searching for certain data easy. You can also merge sequences or process data in a defined order. Sorting is sometimes based on a component or property, known as a sort key. Sort keys can be created to align with the purpose you seek. Our Online String App is a sorting tool that will enhance your knowledge on how to go about the useful process of sorting strings.
Specific examples of what you can do with data strings thanks to the ByteScout’s Online String application: You can sort lines using fast sorting methods, remove duplicate lines, order lines, reverse lines, and more! It is all conveniently wrapped up into an online application that gives any user, no matter their level of expertise, complete command of changes and settings.

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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