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Base 64 Decode Encode Online Tool for Developers, Easy Way to Decode Encode String

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ByteScout has developed a group of online applications, easy-to-use, fast and very nice!


Base64 encoder and decoder is a smart tool allowing you to convert a piece of text, a string or a few strings from/to the following formats: UTF-8, ASCII, Windows-1252, ISO and many others.
All you need to do is to paste the selected element into the window and press the DECODE button to start processing.

Our web applications are mostly designed for developers of any level. Some of them can be helpful for end-users too.
This program interface is ultimately simple and understandable. It facilitates daily developer tasks and represents the best solution to get base64 encoded data in a few seconds.

Online Encoder
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Achieve easy web encoding online. This tool can also be used to find encoding examples, to decode base 64 strings and dive into basic data encoding and decoding. Base 64 encryption has never been made so easy and best of all, free.

What is Base 64 encoding?

Base 64 is one of the many encoding and decoding techniques available that are used in the American Standard for Information Interchange (ASCII) text formats. It is also termed Base 64 Content-Transfer-Encoding.

What is Base 64 used for?

It is used to convert binary data to an ASCII text format and vice versa in order to transfer information (data) over a medium that can only support ASCII formats.

How does Base 64 work?

Every three bits of binary data is divided into six-bit units which are then represented in a 64 radix numeral system and converted as a seven bit ASCII text. Considering the fact that each bit is divided into two bits, the converted data will be approximately one third larger than the original data. Binary data is not readable to humans, it is a specific language for computer systems. However, ASCII formatted text can be read by humans and will be mapped out in English alphabet A-Z (lower case and upper case letters), the numbers 0-9 and special punctuation and control characters.

In other words, with Base 64 you can encode and transfer any sets of binary data, no matter the type of system in place and later on decoding the data to their original binary format. Our ByteScout Base 64 Encoder and Decoder will assure you complete said process efficiently, fast and accurately.

What else is Base 64 encoding useful for?

To put it simply, Base 64 encoding schemes are essential because it helps protect and preserve data while it is being transported across the internet; it keeps all data intact.

As the name suggests, Base 64 encoding is used to encode binary data into ACSII while Base 64 decoder is used to decode ACSII formatted text back into binary data. ByteScout offers a handy and convenient online program that can do both (encode and decode) accordingly. Thanks to its simple and friendly interface, along with a fast output processing speed, it is the perfect tool for any developer. It requires no extra software, downloads or extensions, keeping your hardware’s memory unused.

Our ByteScout Base 64 Encoder and Decoder can be used by beginners, intermediate and expert developers looking for a quick fix to an encoding or decoding need. It will also support conversion to other types of formats, allowing you the liberty of looking for a different kind of converter each and every time.

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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