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ByteScout has launched a set of web apps, nice, simple and easy-to-use!


When you start typing a word, the program will automatically suggest you all popular combinations of similar words.

Synonym Finder
Screenshot showing app performance

If you are in a hurry for 5 synonyms for your academic work – the tool would be a right fit! Just remember, how many times you struggled when trying to find richer words and make your composition really unique. It is all solved now.

If you just want to complete your first resume and need a great synonym to impress your potential employer and give this workpiece a fine touch – ByteScout synonyms dictionary should be quite useful.

We love developers and would like to continue being helpful and produce new apps solving daily routine tasks for them. Synonyms Finder makes the process of looking for new synonyms fast and relentless. The tool interface is smooth and very simple, no distracting elements, straight focus on work.

Even if you leave the page for being in a hurry, the app will save your recent search so that you may come back to it later. Get your free synonym of any word you are interested in.

The online application provides you a rich source of new words and expressions as a real dictionary of synonyms. Check other online apps recently released by ByteScout and wait for more!

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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