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ByteScout has launched a number of web apps, nice, simple and easy-to-use!


Word Counter is a very simple-to-use web app that counts words or characters as well as sentences online. It can be a brilliant helper for analyzing your snippets during SEO optimization. It can help easily to count words in text as well as to find out the number of sentences. The word count app can be useful for anyone, not only programmers.

Word Counter Online
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How are word counting tools helpful?

Word count is usually limited in many legal proceedings, advertisements, journalism, school projects, and/or applications. Word counters will provide you with clarity about the number of words in your text, giving you the option to modify, delete, or add accordingly. Word and character limits may be necessary and instead of doing a personal count word by word in your document, you can just copy and paste, and receive an immediate count.

Each word counting program may give a slight difference in end results due to a variety of factors. Some programs will count space, hyphens or slashes for example. Other word counters may also include the number of words present in headers, footers or hidden text. However, even with slight variations in programming, the results should be very close thanks to the possibilities and capabilities of digital programming. Things were slightly different when word count had to be manually done when typewriters were still a thing. In days long gone, certain words were not to be counted, such as articles (the, a, an, etc.), conjunctions or prepositions. Hyphenated compounds were considered one word, though this rule still remains in place in many word counting programs. All these rules are dependent on text segmentation details. Word counting tools can be used with different methods, such as extensions or a script. The easiest thing to do, however, is using our online word count.

Why use ByteScout’s Online Word Count Tool?

ByteScout’s Online Word Count Tool is easy to use, gives you accurate counts 100% of the time, and offers three different types of information, all wrapped in one simple online application. You can get rid of extra applications or downloads, and save time by simply copying and pasting. Our word count tool will not only count the number of words in your text but will give you the number of characters and even the amount of sentences!

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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