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ByteScout has released a number of web apps, very fast-to-use with a simple interface!


This regex tester is indispensable for any developer. It has a simple layout and allows testing information directly online just with a few clicks. In order to test regular expressions online, you need to fill out the fields below. You can also replace regular expressions easily with this online application.

Every month our team of developers improves existing tools and creates new ones to facilitate the work of programmers worldwide and to help them tackling daily routine tasks.

Regular Expressions Tester
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What are regular expressions used for?

Most regex features are already built into various programming languages, or they could be used via libraries if not. Regular expressions help make searches easier, a lot easier. Search engines improve tremendously with accurate use of regex, even if they are extremely large files. You can also use the search and replace tool, allowing you to make rapid changes across a great number of files. Another valuable source to use regular expressions in are text editors, giving you a wider access for data searching or modification.

How do regular expressions work?

Essentially, the first and main task of a regex processor is a translation. The processor translates the syntax form of a regular expression into a readable internal representation. This internal representation will then be able to be executed against a string or strings to be searched in.

Why use our Regular Expression Tester?

If you are new to the field of regular expressions, creating them may be a bit daunting, however, practice makes perfect and you can do exactly that with our online Regular Expression Tester. Packed with a simple interface, you are sure to get the hang of this text string in no time. Find the correct way to structure regular expressions for better text search manipulation by using our tester beforehand. You can start with various regex examples available online to test drive our application.

You get the added benefit of needing no extra downloads or programs, saving you time and effort. ByteScout has developed many applications to help developers just like you, and our Regex tester is one of many. It functions as an essential JavaScript regex tester that will save you a headache or two when first dealing with regex regular expressions.

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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