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JSON validator is a fast operating free utility for JSON programmers and developers of any level. The interface is simple and comprehensible. Just insert your input into the window and validate it with the FORMAT button. You can put any amount of info you want. Validation with ByteScout JSON beautifier tool will help you create JSON online and render your tasks more effective and quick.

We enjoy creating new utilities for developers and help them solve important tasks in no time on a daily basis. Every tool has a proper layout that enables reaching the developer’s goal.

JSON Format Validator
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What is JSON format?

JSON file format stands for JavaScript Object Notation. As the name suggests, it was a byproduct of JavaScript but has now gained its own language-independent data format since 2017. It was created as an open-standard file format capable of using human-readable text and transmitting it to any type of serializable value, including array data types. JSON data format is commonly seen in asynchronous browser-server communication.

What is ByteScout’s JSON online formatter and validator?

JSON formatter can help validate JSON structure and allow you to verify if you are using the correct JSON format. It is conveniently packaged in an online setup that is simple to use and easy to understand. It is compatible with an unlimited amount of date you wish to use. Experience a fast and efficient JSON transformation of all your data.

What are the basic data types for JSON?

The most commonly used data types include number, string, Boolean, array, object, null and whitespace. Each data type has a specific task that helps deliver a JSON format. Numbers can be any decimal number, but cannot include non-numbers, however, exponential E notation is compatible. Strings are a sequence of Unicode characters enclosed with double quotation marks. Boolean data types depict values that are true or false. Methodical lists of values separated with a comma and found within a square bracket notation is called array. Objects, on the other hand, are unordered lists of name-value pairs and are delimited with curly brackets. A null is an empty value that is specified with the actual word null input. Whitespace can be added between syntactic elements with any of the following characters: horizontal tab, carriage return, space, and line feed.

Since JSON is an open source, some programs may encode certain data types differently, but results should be the same.

Did you know? JSON data formats were used as an alternative to the popular XML and YAML. It has the main goal of structuring data and transmitting it between a server and web application. The JSON data formats developed from need. It served to communicate servers to browsers in real time with no need for browser plugins. The ByteScout JSON formatter and validator is a great tool to use as an introduction or a refresh of information on this standard and lightweight data-interchange format.

What are the benefits of using JSON online formatter and validator?

The benefits of using JSON are many and include that it is easy enough to read and write by humans. In turn, it is also quite simple for machines to generate and parse said data. It has grown to be an essential part of language programming that all developers should be accustomed to.

How do JSON formats work?

All JSON file formats are stored with the following extension: .json. It requires a conversion to a JavaScript object, but that raises no issues because JavaScript is used worldwide. Thanks to its data hierarchy construction, the JSON format example is extremely simplistic, which is perfect for rapid and more efficient communication between servers.

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