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ByteScout has announced new online applications, very fast and easy-to-use!


This online timesheet app helps you to organize your working activity. It is easy to do project time tracking by checking your time in and time out and time on break. The tool will calculate your total working time.

This tool is better than some time management apps as it is simple and easy-to-use with a smart interface. You won’t lose your extra minutes for daily time tracking.

The timekeeping app can also calculate your salary according to your current rate and the number of hours worked. Even more, it will see how much you’ll be paid for overtime hours.

If needed, this time tracking tool allows you to track time on a bi-weekly basis. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Online Timesheet App
Online Timesheet Screenshot

What is a timesheet?

A timesheet is where the amount of time an employee has spent at the workplace, or on a project, is recorded and saved. Timesheets are great for the employee or freelance time tracking; it allows for fair pay for actual time worked. You can design electronic (paperless) or paper timesheets.

Both paper and paperless timesheets can be used for official records by companies and workers alike. They may also be designed for individual use or compressed to include a small group that is working on one task for example.

Individual timesheets are the most common and allow for detailed records. Currently, timesheets tend to be done inside a spreadsheet, though the original tabular format is still used.

What is a timesheet for?

Timesheets are used to keep track of the amount of time someone has worked for billing purposes in most cases. Many times, timesheets are reliable sources of information to aide with project management as well. Human Resource professionals may use timesheets for analytical purposes, such as knowing what activities are being done and how long it takes each one to be completed, which in turn will support better and more efficient workforce planning.

Timesheets can be used to store a varying degree of information relating to time tracking or duration. For example, a start and end timestamp can be included for each task or a timesheet can be elaborated for the total time it took to complete a certain project or program. In certain projects, it is also used to compare cost and time estimations to actual cost and performance implemented.

Which is best, paper or paperless timesheets?

The answer is whichever one works for you and aides you in the organization and easy reading. Many businesses and freelancers choose to have both. A paperless timesheet registry will give the user a greater reach, easier access and simpler ways of sending their collected time data to companies or clients. Having a paper-based timesheet reference will provide you with a fool-free way of preserving documents at hand.

For example, imagine your electronic timesheets disappearing due to a virus or sudden motherboard malfunction. If you have a paper backup of your timesheets, this will cause no further alarm. It is recommended that both methods be used, if possible, to avoid such situations.

Why use our Online Timesheet App?

You should use this Online Timesheet Application because it allows you to track your time with no subscriptions, no hassle, and no extra software. It is easy to use thanks to its friendly interface. It provides users with the tools needed to calculate time worked, efficiently and accurately. Honest timesheets are worth more to businesses, especially templates that are simple to read and understand. ByteScout has you covered with the best possible timesheet time tracking formats available in the online world.

Our Online Timesheet App can be used no matter your level of expertise in the developing or secretarial department. Start acquiring professional and dependable timesheets the easy way with our application today.

We love developers and we’d like them to save time on daily routine activities that can be automated with a single click. Enjoy ByteScout free time tracker as well as other apps. More tools will appear soon!

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can easily try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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