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JS Playground is a great interactive tool that you can use to learn JavaScript and enjoy JS development in a playful way. It has never been so easy to improve JS skills for beginner and advanced developers.

JS playground is a totally unique online application with a smart developer-friendly interface. It is serverless and provides you with hyper flexibility in acquiring JavaScript programming skills. Choose a JS framework and a CSS framework – and you are good to go!

Take a look at this screenshot to get familiar with a program interface:

JavaScript Playground

If you are wondering about the best way to learn JavaScript, you have come to the right place! ByteScout JavaScript learning app will have you interactively learning how to use and how to structure JavaScript code. Our JavaScript Playground interactive tutorial will have you learning JS basics in a fun and engaging way, almost as if you were a kid in the playground.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is mistakenly considered to be the same as Java when the truth is that they currently hold no relation to each other at all. JavaScript allows web pages to come alive, providing automatic execution as the page loads. Coding, properly named scripts, is written directly in the HTML of the page. They are plain text which means you can bypass special programming or compilations, making it an easy go-to addition that can spruce up any ordinary webpage.

Any browser or server can play JavaScript as long as it is equipped with a JavaScript engine. Many browsers come pre-embedded with a JavaScript engine for convenience. Each engine will have a different codename for their respective embedded JavaScript virtual machine engine. Chrome and Opera use V8, while Firefox uses SpiderMonkey for example.

How is JavaScript read by engines?

Scripts are relatively fast even though the mechanics of engines are complicated and require a three-step process: 1) the engine reads the script (called parsing), 2) the script is then converted to the machine language (called compiling), and 3) the machine code runs.

What can JavaScript do?

This question is tricky to answer because it all depends on the environment running JavaScript. Essentially, JavaScript is considered to be a safe programming language due to it having no need of access to memory or CPU. Most in-browser JavaScript will do anything related to user interaction, web server interaction, and webpage manipulation. Some examples of what JavaScript is capable of are the following: adding new HTML to change, add or modify content and webpage styles; reactions to user interactions, such as mouse clicks or key presses; download and upload files, as well as sending requests over the network to remote servers; show messages, get and set cookies, remember client-side data and more.

JavaScript does not have access to OS system functions and requires explicit permission from users for camera and microphone interaction. However, these limitations are what makes it a safer programming language.

What are the benefits of JavaScript?

Learning JS basics open three major benefits for programmers. The first is its simplicity, making it a relatively easy language to learn, master and implement. The second is its full integration with HTML/CSS. Lastly, it is enabled by default in most major browsers.

Why use our JavaScript learning app?

Even though new programming languages are popping up everywhere, they are still being converted, or transpiled, to JavaScript. JavaScript will be a major programming language for a time to come and is essential to partake in understanding how to use JavaScript. The JavaScript Playground was made to facilitate JavaScript basics for all users, disregarding their level of expertise. Its interactive structure gives you the opportunity to get involved and learn JS basics through proven methods.

We enjoy creating new applications’ prototypes and design. We’d like to offer the best tools for our developers. If you feel it is useful for you, please leave us some feedback. Enjoy ByteScout free JS playground and other tools. Even more are coming soon!

We have SDKs and free desktop tools for beginner and advanced programmers. You can try our offline developer utilities. Contact us for any help!


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