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Interesting Facts about QR Code. Part 1


QR code is an abbreviation for quick response code. It is a type of 2-D barcode (also known as matrix

barcode). Unlike 1-d barcode, QR codes can encode wide variety of data types, including numeric, alphabets, special characters and binary data as well.

QR code consists of a set of square dots arranged in a square grid pattern with white back ground. The square dots are randomly arranged in order to encode information. QR codes reading is must-have functionality for any barcode software, for example BarCode Reader SDK.


QR code was invented in 1994 by a Japanese automotive company named, Denso Wave. Denso Wave is a subsidiary of Toyota Motors.




Purpose of QR code was to develop such an encoding/ decoding system which allows quick and reliable scanning of fast moving automotive equipment. In workshops, automotive parts are moved quickly from one place to another and are adjusted together. It is difficult to read such type of moving information with simpler barcodes; hence QR Code was developed to cater those needs.



  • Can be scanned using a smartphone or any other phone with scanning capability.
  • QR codes are versatile, the can encode almost all types of data e.g. numeric, alphabets, special and binary.
  • Extremely fast scanning.
  • Like other 2-d barcodes, QR code has good fault tolerance. Even if some part of the code is damaged, information can still be decoded from the code.
  • Stores large amount of information unlike 1-d barcodes.



Fun Fact: In Seattle, QR codes are inscribed on graves which contain link to the detailed information about the deceased person.





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