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ByteScout Watermarking SDK – VBScript – Add Watermark to Image

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How to add watermark to image in VBScript and ByteScout Watermarking SDK

This code in VBScript shows how to add watermark to image with this how to tutorial

We made thousands of pre-made source code pieces for easy implementation in your own programming projects. ByteScout Watermarking SDK is the software development kit that helps to quickly implement adding of watermarks on top of PNG, JPG, BMP images as well as on multipaged TIFF files. You may select ready to use presets or create your own preset with semitransparent logo images, text lines with adjustable font size, family, color, rotation and you can use it to add watermark to image with VBScript.

You will save a lot of time on writing and testing code as you may just take the VBScript code from ByteScout Watermarking SDK for add watermark to image below and use it in your application. Just copy and paste the code into your VBScript application’s code and follow the instruction. Test VBScript sample code examples whether they respond your needs and requirements for the project.

Download free trial version of ByteScout Watermarking SDK from our website with this and other source code samples for VBScript.

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' Create Watermarker instance Set watermarker = CreateObject("Bytescout.Watermarking.Watermarker") ' Initialize library watermarker.InitLibrary "demo", "demo" ' Set input file name Dim inputFilePath inputFilePath = "..\sample_image.jpg" ' Set output file title Dim outputFilePath outputFilePath = "result.jpg" ' Add image to apply watermarks to watermarker.AddInputFile_2 inputFilePath, outputFilePath ' Create new watermark Set preset = CreateObject("Bytescout.Watermarking.Presets.SimpleText") ' Set watermark text preset.Text = "Bytescout Watermarking" ' Set watermark font Set font = CreateObject("Bytescout.Watermarking.WatermarkFont") font.Name = "Arial" font.Style = 1 ' Bold font.SizeType = 1 ' Points font.Size = 18 preset.Font = font ' Set watermark text color preset.SetTextColor 255, 255, 255, 255 ' White color in ARGB values ' Add watermark to watermarker waterMarker.AddWatermark(preset) ' Apply watermarks waterMarker.Execute() ' open generated image file in default image viewer installed in Windows Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") shell.Run outputFilePath, 1, false Set shell = Nothing ' Cleanup Set font = Nothing Set preset = Nothing Set watermarker = Nothing

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