100% .NET SDK that adds functionality to watermark image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF) with text, text annotations and logo pictures to your .NET desktop or Web application.

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  • Royalty-free distribution along with your product/application;
  • Made with 100% C# code for .NET (optional full source code licensing is available);
  • Fully Mono .NET Framework compatible;
  • built-in set of ready-to-use customizable presets: Simple Text, Text Annotation, Logo Image, Logo With Text, Text Fits Page, Vertical Text, FileName, DateTime stamp presets and other;
  • adjustable transparency for text and logo images;
  • customizable font settings, text location, rotation, margins and other;
  • supports batch watermarking of image files;
  • image resizing option (including batch resizing);
  • ability to add effects to pictures for better protection;
  • provides the¬†ability to process pictures using stream-to-stream operation (for Web applications);
  • provides support for EXIF and picture file information macros;
  • supports JPEG, TIFF (including CCITT b/w documents), GIF, PNG image formats as input and output;

Not a .NET software developer and need watermarking functionality? Try our ready-to-use watermark software for Windows: Bytescout Watermarking or Bytescout Watermarking Pro.

If you prefer not to use commercial software, then check the tutorial to learn how to add a simple text watermark using .NET built-in classes only (VB, C#, ASP.NET)