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ByteScout Watermarking SDK – C# – Add Stamp to Image

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How to add stamp to image for stamps in C# using ByteScout Watermarking SDK

See how to add stamp to image to have stamps in C#

Today we will explain the steps and algorithm of how to add stamp to image and how to make it work in your application. ByteScout Watermarking SDK was made to help with stamps in C#. ByteScout Watermarking SDK is the software development kit that helps to quickly implement adding of watermarks on top of PNG, JPG, BMP images as well as on multipaged TIFF files. You may select ready to use presets or create your own preset with semitransparent logo images, text lines with adjustable font size, family, color, rotation.

Fast application programming interfaces of ByteScout Watermarking SDK for C# plus the instruction and the code below will help to learn how to add stamp to image. This C# sample code should be copied and pasted into your project. After doing this just compile your project and click Run. Tutorials are available along with installed ByteScout Watermarking SDK if you’d like to dive deeper into the topic and the details of the API.

ByteScout free trial version is available for FREE download from our website. Programming tutorials along with source code samples are included.

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using System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Drawing; using System.Collections.Generic; using Bytescout.Watermarking; using Bytescout.Watermarking.Presets; namespace Sample { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // Create Watermarker instance Watermarker waterMarker = new Watermarker(); // Initialize library waterMarker.InitLibrary("demo", "demo"); // Set input file name string inputFilePath = "my_sample_image.jpg"; foreach (string stampType in Stamp.PresetImages) { // Set output file title string outputFilePath = "my_sample_output_" + stampType + ".jpg"; // Add image to apply watermarks to waterMarker.AddInputFile(inputFilePath, outputFilePath); // Set output directory waterMarker.OutputOptions.OutputDirectory = "."; // Create new watermark Stamp preset = new Stamp(); // Set stamp type preset.ImageFile = stampType; // Add watermark to watermarker waterMarker.AddWatermark(preset); // Apply watermarks waterMarker.Execute(); // Clear all settings waterMarker.Clear(); } } } }

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