How to use advanced settings of Annotation watermark in Watermarking SDK for .NET developers

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How to customize “Annotation” watermark preset settings while using Bytescout.Watermarking SDK for .NET developers


Download source code: (240 KB)

Input image:

sample input image

Output image:

output image (annotation preset with advanced settings)

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Bytescout.Watermarking;
using Bytescout.Watermarking.Presets;

namespace Sample
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
// Create Watermarker instance
Watermarker waterMarker = new Watermarker();

// Initialize library
waterMarker.InitLibrary(“demo”, “demo”);

// Set input file name
string inputFilePath = “my_sample_image.jpg”;
// Set output file title
string outputFilePath = “my_sample_output.jpg”;

// Add image to apply watermarks to
waterMarker.AddInputFile(inputFilePath, outputFilePath);

// Create new watermark
TextAnnotation preset = new TextAnnotation();

// Set radius of the corners of the rectangle
preset.Radius = 30;

// Set text color
preset.TextColor = Color.Black;

// Set annotation background color
preset.BackgroundColor = Color.White;

// Set annotation background transparency
preset.BackgroundTransparency = 40;

// Set text
preset.Text = “Bytescout Watermarking”;

// Set watermark font
preset.Font = new WatermarkFont(“Tahoma”, FontStyle.Regular, FontSizeType.Points, 25);

// Set watermark placement
preset.Placement = WatermarkPlacement.MiddleCenter;

// Add watermark to watermarker

// Set output directory
waterMarker.OutputOptions.OutputDirectory = “.”;

// Set output format
waterMarker.OutputOptions.ImageFormat = OutputFormats.JPEG;

// Apply watermarks

// open generated image file in default image viewer installed in Windows

Download source code: (240 KB)