Step-by-step tutorial: how to convert powerpoint presentation (PPT) into flash movie (swf) presentation

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PPT To SWF Scout quick start tutorial:
Converting PowerPoint presentations into SWF flash movie presentations

This tutorial will show how to convert this PowerPoint presentation (click link to download and view presentation file in PowerPoint): PPTToSWFScout_Overview.ppt

First download and install PPT To SWF Scout

Original PowerPoint presentation about PPT To SWF Scout (sample)

This presentation will be converted by PPT To SWF Scout into flash movie presentation (.swf). You’ll see a resulted flash movie in the end of this tutorial.

Run PPT To SWF Scout

Wizard - Welcom page

Click Next to continue wizard. Wizard will ask to enter input PPT (PowerPoint presentation) and output SWF (flash movie presentation) filenames.Click on “folder” icon to open PPT presentation file:

Input presentation and output flash movie filenames

Open Presentation File dialog will appear. Select file and click Open button:

Open presentation dialog

PPT To SWF Scout will automatically suggest output filename for flash movie presentation. Correct it if needed and click Next:

output filename is automatically suggested - correct if needed

PPT To SWF Scout will ask which conversion type you want to use. Select Vector conversions type and click Next:

Conversion types: Vector (recommended) or Raster

Now PPT To SWF Scout will display SWF options dialog where you can set flash movie presentation options (slide show parameters, size, navigation design, pre-loader configuration). Review options on tabs and click Continue to start conversion:

Flash movie slide show optionsFlash movie navigation options

Flash movie size optionsPre-loader including custom logo image settings

PPT To SWF Scout will convert presentation and it won’t take a long time:

Conversion progress

Conversion is done. To view file check “Open generated movie” option (checked by default), check “Explore folder with generated movie” to open folder with resulted movie in Explorer. Click Finish

Conversion Finished page

Here is a screenshot of resulted flash movie (click on it to open flash movie itself):

Screenshot of generated flash movie presentation in IE

You can download/view resulted flash movie here: PPTToSWFScout_Overview.swf

PPT To SWF Scout generates SWF flash movie presentation with built-in navigation. Click on buttons to show next slide:

Navigation buttons on generated flash movie

You can also use built-in keyboard navigation support: Space, Right, PageDown (next page); Backspace, Left, PageUp (prev page)

To zoom slide right-click on it and select Zoom In command:

Zoom In/Zoom Out options for flash movie

That’s all!