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Word Counter

ByteScout Word Counter for desktop is a great tool to count characters, words, and sentences in any piece of text you need to check. The program is fast and easy to operate with.


Main program features:

  • Paste a piece of text into the window;
  • Check the amount you’d like to count;
  • Press the button to see the result (available options: characters, words, sentences).
You can download Word Counter for desktop HERE.

If you’re interested to run the tool for commercial purposes, see Word Counter Business License.

Word Counter Online
App Screenshot

Online Version for Word Counter is also available.

What is a character count tool?

A character count tool, at times referred to as a word count tool or word counter, does exactly what its name suggests: it counts the number of words in a text. Word count is the total number of words in a text. Keep in mind that the terms character and word, though used interchangeably in many situations, are actually two different things. A character is one simple letter or punctuation mark, while a word is a combination of letters that form a distinct and meaningful element of writing or speech. Be clear about the kind of tool you wish to use beforehand, so you may select the appropriate one.

What uses does word count have?

Word count is frequently used by translators to find out how much to charge for a particular translation job since translators charge per word. Freelancers that dedicate their time to writing may also change depending on the word count of a task. Also, the word count of a document or text can help determine readability, physical measurements, and/or typing and reading speeds.