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Regular Expression Tester and Replacement

Regular Expression Tester and Replacement tool will help you find regular expressions in any piece of code you need to check. Our smart reg ex checker will replace all necessary code correctly.


Main program features:

  • Effective code checking and testing;
  • Large database of regular expressions of any type;
  • Smooth and fast operation;
  • Regular expressions replacement by underlining the errors;
  • Neat and correct code as an output result.
You can download Regular Expression Tester for desktop HERE.


Regular Expressions Tester
App Screenshot

Regular Expression Tester Online is also available.

What is a regular expression?

A regular expression, regex or regexp for short, is considered a special text string that describes a search pattern. A regular expression is sometimes referred to as a pattern as well, but it all concludes in describing a set of strings. Regex is made up with a combination of constants and operator symbols. The constants refer to a certain set of strings, while the operator symbols determine which operations will be applied to said set.

It is used frequently in Java programming but also surfaces in Perl, PHP and much more. These different variations are called syntaxes. The common algorithms used for database or string searching are the “find” and “find and replace” features that all tech savvy and non-tech savvy users know.

With the help of metacharacters and regular characters, a regular expression can get as specific or as general as you need it to be. A regular character is when a character, such as the b, should be taken literally in a search. Meanwhile, a metacharacter has a special meaning that can vary accordingly. Characters known as wildcards can also be applied in the search to match any character, but they are typically used in more complex setups. All meta and regular character syntax were designed to be easy to input via a standard ASCII keyboard.