PPT To PDF Scout for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP converts PowerPoint presentations (PPT) into rich text searchable PDF documents


  • Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF software is not required!;
  • Security options: user and master passwords, ability of printing prohibition, high resolution printing, assembling, copying or modifying of generated PDF document;
  • 40-bit and 128-bit protection key length are supported;
  • Compatibility modes for Acrobat 4.x and Acrobat 5.x or higher;
  • Page setup options include page size setup (19 pre-defined page sizes), orientation, margings;
  • Unicode text support;
  • and more! Check example

Requirements: PowerPoint 2000 or higher installed

Screenshot of source PowerPoint presentation:

Click to see tutorial on how to convert presentation into AVI video

Screenshot of PDF document produced from PPT presentation: