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Video Bug Recorder for BaseCamp records video from your screen and uploads it to your BaseCamp account with literally few clicks!

WHY WE HAVE DEVELOPED THIS UTILITY:  BaseCamp from 37 Signals is great for online project management tool but sometimes when you report issues or bugs with online and desktop software it is much more easier to just record a screencast from your screen instead of typing. So we’ve made this tool to record screencasts from your computer and upload this recorded screencast directly into a new or existing message in your BaseCamp account.



Video Bug Recorder main window


Built-in file uploader for BaseCamp

(also known as 10 Steps To Setup Video Bug Recorder To Send Recorder Video Bugs To Your BaseCamp Account)

1) Install Video Bug Recorder for BaseCamp

2) Run the utility, the main window will appear

3) Record a video bug by clicking on Record button (you can also use Record with webcam which will record video from screen plus video from your webcamera in the left top corner):

Click Record button to start video recording from your desktop

4) The program will record your desktop, to stop screen video recording press ALT+F12 hotkey

5) Then click Upload button to upload recorded screen video to your BaseCamp account:Click Upload button to upload recorded video into your BaseCamp account

6) The built-in BaseCamp file uploader will appear. Click Settings to set your BaseCamp account to use:
File Uploader for BaseCamp main window

7) Settings dialog will appear, enter your BaseCamp account settings:

Settings for BaseCamp file uploader

Enter address of your BaseCamp account in URL field, for example: MYACCOUNT.BASECAMPHQ.COM

You also need to copy and paste your API Key into API Key field. This key is a autogenerated password to allow file uploader to upload files into your BaseCamp account

To get your API Key for your account do the following:

a) login into your BaseCamp account

b) Next make sure you have API access enabled.

To enable API access (skip this step if you have API access enabled already) click Settings tab link:

Switch to   Settings tab in your BaseCamp HQ account

and then click API, Export tab link:

Click API, Export link to show API settings

And finally scroll the page and enable API Access by checking the checkbox and clicking the button to confirm:

Enable access to BaseCamp API checkbox and button

c) Now get your Authentication token to do this click on My Info link at the right top corner:

Click My Info link in BaseCamp to get your authentication token


Then scroll down the page and click Show your tokens link to show your API Token:

Click Show 

Tokens to get API Token for your BaseCamp account

d) This will show your Authentication Token,  now copy and paste your Authentication Token as shown below. Just double-click on it and right-click and select “Copy” command in the menu to copy the token into the clipboard:

Copy your API Token from Token for feed readers or the 

BaseCamp API

e) Finally copy and paste your API Token into API Token field (right-click on the field and select Paste command from the menu) and click OK button:

Paste your API Token from your BaseCamp account into the API Key field


8)  File Uploader will load current settings for your BaseCamp account and you will see this window:

File uploader window where you can add comment 

to the uploaded file

9) Click UPLOAD button and the program will upload the video file into your BaseCamp account into new or existing message as selected. You can view this message by simply clicking the link below the Upload button as shown below:

The file has been uploaded into 

new message and you can view this new message

10) TADA! The new message will appear with the video file attached to it in your BaseCamp account:

The file has been uploaded to BaseCamp along with the 

recorded video file