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TOP-20 Best Games for Developers
Programming is fun? Don’t you think so? Well, here’s why. There’s so much to learn as a programmer. Working as a software developer isn’t just about learning coding standards. The kind of learning involved is continuous and lasts a lifetime. You learn about machine learning, data structures and algorithms, and graphics, among other interesting topics. Programmers also develop dry codes that are easy to read and maintain. You get to explore and play with libraries, [...]
TOP-10 Games to Play at Roblox
If you are asking what the best of Roblox games there is to sample, the list is endless. What's more, the platform offers a massively multiplayer online (MMO) feature that allows you not only to create your own games and experiences but also to amass a wealth of skills by sharing tips with millions of other game lovers online. Is it a sim you need, or is it an adventure? For free you will have [...]
List of Best 10 Gaming Laptops
Desktops are not the best choice for an immersive yet portable gaming experience. But don't let that stop you from having the computer of your dream. Today's gaming laptops are by no means lacking in terms of performance thanks to the latest hardware support from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. The following list comprises the top 10 gaming laptops that we believe are going to rule the year. There are mainly 3 classes: premium, standard, and [...]
How To Win Dota: Ultimate Gamer Tutorial
DOTA- Defence of the Ancients- ranks as one of the top MOBA games you can play on your PC, with several tantalizing prizes ready for you to win. If you are new to DOTA and want to win, learning from the pros is one sure way. But if you want to level up with wins from the start, use these tips. Remember that Dota is a team game, with five players playing against each other [...]
TOP-8 Famous LucasArts Games
LucasArts shut down in 2012 after Disney acquired LucasFilm. It was curtains down for one of the best electronic entertainment franchises. For over three decades, the company churned top video games, many of which have become all-time classics. Here we look at famous LucasArts games that keep the company's legacy intact. Whether you fancied Star Wars, shooters, or the adventure games, the company had it all. Check this list and share your thoughts about your [...]
How to Win in Counter-Strike
Do you want to play Counter-Strike to win? If you do, it means you target playing like that elite pro you wish to become. The problem many gamers face is mastering their play to help the team complete objectives and rake up wins. Although the Counter-Strike franchise is an objective-based game, you win as an individual. More wins and more objectives completed results in more in-game rewards that you can use to purchase powerful weapons. [...]
TOP-30 Developer Jokes for a Great Day
Computer developer is one of the coolest jobs in this world. Developers get to work on various domains and software applications for countless clients which provide them lots of time to innovate, build, and develop. These days developers also never have a shortage of software projects due to smartphones and mobile apps. Some are developing new Android or iOS apps, while some are working to get rid of old features. Check this video list of [...]
TOP-16 Movies about Programmers You Should Watch
We all love a good movie! With so many genres to choose from, there is a type of movie for each and every one of us. This particular list is compromised for developers who love modern technology and its possibilities. The list includes intriguing movies and a few classics that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the feature. If you frequently dwell in the programming world then you will definitely enjoy [...]
Virtual Reality (VR) Revolution: 10 Things You Can Now Do in VR
What comes to your mind at the mention of virtual reality? Many people associate VR with video games. Although the technology has been used for playing video games, the VR revolution has made it possible to apply the technology in other areas. Virtual reality has been in the picture since the 1960s in the form of motion-tracking headsets, immersive stereoscopic videos, and experiences similar to Google’s interactive Street View. Over the years, advancement in VR [...]
TOP-5 Hyper Casual Games
With the increase in Smartphones the word “casual games” has become more common in our gaming glossary. Today’s world is the world of smartphones and different mobile games. There are some amazing games which are helpful for improving our thinking, ideas and much much more. The Hyper Casual games are such games. Let’s take a look at what are the hyper-casual games. What are the hyper-casual games? Hyper casual games are pretty easy in their [...]