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TOP-10 Best Games for Developers

Programming is fun? Don’t you think so?

Well, here’s why.

There’s so much to learn as a programmer. Working as a software developer isn’t just about learning coding standards. The kind of learning involved is continuous and lasts a lifetime.

Best Games for Developers

You learn about machine learning, data structures and algorithms, and graphics, among other interesting topics. Programmers also develop dry codes that are easy to read and maintain. You get to explore and play with libraries, atop learning technologies.

Whenever questions arise while working on a project or you just need some help, many programmers on StackOverflow are more than willing to give a helping hand. What’s more, the domain knowledge relevant to coding projects has no limit.

Programming also involves solving puzzles through solutions that are only available under certain constraints such as space, time, etc. You also get to learn new technologies while working out solutions to puzzles.

Furthermore, programming allows you to build interesting things such as games. In the process, you learn other coding languages such as C++ for encapsulation principles. HTML5/JavaScript can make it possible to add images or graphics to something you developed in C++. Isn’t that fun?

Programming also involves model building, lots of creativity, learning how things work, networking with other programmers, and learning from them, and getting things done. You’ll also make decisions that affect programs and their users.

With these kinds of experience in programming, you’ll never lose the motivation you need to do even greater things. It’s through actual programming that you realize how much you love coding.

Just like meditation, programming involves a deep focus on coding. Therefore, it’s important for software developers to take some time off work and relax their minds. One way for programmers to relax their minds is by playing the best games for developers.

But, which RPG for programmers do software developers play? Here’re are 10 of the best games for programmers you can play and enjoy as a software developer.

Top 10 Interactive Games for Programmers

  1. Robocode
  2. Full Throttle
  3. Human Resource Machine
  4. Codecombat
  5. Wolfenstein
  6. Creeps
  7. Elevator Saga
  8. Flexbox Defense
  9. Doom
  10. Code Hunt

1. Robocode

Designed to use real programming languages such as C#, Scala, Java, etc., Robocode is a sophisticated game for programmers. It’s designed to help you learn how to develop robot tanks that fight each other.

It features fundamentals and tutorials to help you code in Robocode. Simply write an AI code to drive the robots to success. Access to the development environment within the Robocode installer is easy. The installer also features a Java compiler and a built-in robot editor.

With regular maintenance and updating of the game, you write real code using an addictive, open-source program.

2. Full Throttle

Featuring an easy to use interface and fast action, this game is fun and interactive. Trust your gut feeling if you sense that the road you’re traveling on isn’t safe and things are about to get tougher.

With the cinematic and powerful voice, together with animation and brilliant graphics, you’re guaranteed an exceptional gaming experience and a strong cartoon feels like no other.

However, expect Ben to be beaten, accused of murder, and left to die by the roadside. Make sure you race from the start to the finishing line to help Ben get hold of the bad guys.

3. Human Resource Machine

Combine multiple instructions, playing as an office employee, working hard to finish assigned tasks. Based on visual programming, solve puzzles at all levels. It also covers memory management and logical flow in office-themed ways that’s easy to present.

When not coding, train your brain with this game for programmers. What’s more, it’s so easy that your kids will also manage to learn to code.

4. CodeCombat

Overcome challenges and solve game-like puzzles in CodeCombat using code. The game is both entertaining and educational. The “Classroom Edition” game element can help you learn new coding skills or even improve your existing knowledge.

Choose among Web Development, Computer Science, and Game Development course paths to either relax your mind or enhance your coding skills.

5. Wolfenstein

The World War II-themed game is available in a series for continuous gaming, making it one of the best developer games for you. The stealth-based first couple of games in the series were built in a two-dimensional top-down view. They include Beyond Castle Wolfenstein and Castle Wolfenstein.

However, the fast-paced third game known as Wolfenstein 3D was built in the first-person view. A protagonist, Jewish Polish-American Sergeant in the Army is featured in most of the games. He fights Nazi powers attempting to use occult, supernatural powers.

Although that’s true for earlier games in the series, the latest titles are set in a different historical setting where the Axis powers won World War II.

6. Creeps

Scripted creeps aka creeps is a JavaScript game based on MMO strategy and one of the best games for programmers. Use Java to program in-game entity behaviors and develop an empire. It gives you 30 plus days of full access to a private server you can use when playing the game.

Once the 30 plus days elapses, you can continue playing the game, but with limited server access. If you’re so much into the game, you need a monthly subscription to regain full server access.

7. Elevator Saga

Based on elevators used to efficiently move people across buildings, this game is key to testing your knowledge and skills in JavaScript. First, move about 15 people in less than a minute, progressively moving to more complex challenges.

8. Flexbox Defense

How good are you in flexbox? Move gun towers along a path into strategic positions and fight continuous forthcoming enemy waves to sharpen your flexbox skills. Just like Flexbox Froggy games, it uses similar commands.

9. Doom

Developed by id Software, Doom is a first-person narrative shooter video game and one of the best developer games you can try. Take the role of a space marine and fight Hell-sent demonic forces. The Union Aerospace Corporation released the demons on Mars, a planet set for colonization in the future.

Unlike Doom 3 that takes the approach of slow-paced survival horror, Doom 1 and Doom 2 are open-ended fast-paced action games that’ll keep you thrilled and excited from the beginning to the end.

Execute “glory kills,” perform character upgrades in a traversal environment like never before. Make sure you check out “SnapMap,” an editor, and a supported multiplayer component-based online for even more entertainment.

10. Code Hunt

Do you love coding in a way that’s different from other developers? Code Hunt, one of the best games for developers, allows you to identify code fragments and play. You also get to analyze the codes and alter them as necessary to match and capture the code in use. Play this game to learn C# or java.


Whether you play games for fun, to pass time or just relax your mind from a busy coding week, there’s so much to learn from whichever interactive games for programmers you opt to play. RPG for programmers is key to improving your coding skills. Work on challenges to improve your programming skills.


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