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How to Win in Counter-Strike

Do you want to play Counter-Strike to win? If you do, it means you target playing like that elite pro you wish to become. The problem many gamers face is mastering their play to help the team complete objectives and rake up wins.

Although the Counter-Strike franchise is an objective-based game, you win as an individual. More wins and more objectives completed results in more in-game rewards that you can use to purchase powerful weapons. With cash bonuses on offer, it’s important to set yourself up to play to win.

6 tips to help you win Counter-Strike

Team Work

If you are playing with your friends then take advantage of shortly discussing what will be your strategy against other teams. You can also set up potential roles between members, discuss how things worked last time, and what worked for other teams.

Set up a Voice Channel

As you play with a team, set up a voice channel that you can use together. The most popular is Discord voice messaging app but you can also use others like Whatsapp, Facetime (in audio mode), Google Hangouts, Zoom, and even Skype.

Arm yourself with the right hardware

If you want to win at Counter-Strike, one of the first things to do is invest in the right hardware. Playing and winning against the best demands that you also have a computer that allows you a fair chance at competing. A PC that gives you low frames per second (fps) impacts combat aspects, including recoil. It makes the overall gaming experience so poor and simply means you won’t win.

Also, arm yourself with one of the high-tech gaming mice. Look at Corsair, Razor, or Logitech. The mouse uses high dots per inch (DPI) optical sensors that add to your response and accuracy.


To be competitive at Counter-Strike, practice. To rake in some wins, use the learning to find and practice using deathmatch servers.  Being able to respawn and play immediately gives you time to improve shooting. Practice will allow you to master three key skills: recoil, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. Learn to spray when close to the enemy; tap to shoot when not so close; slow tap to fire long-range.

Watch an elite player in action

Do you want to be like a pro? Take time to watch them play. It would be nice to learn strategies and offensive skills from a pro. Twitch is an ideal platform for that. Watch out for the weapons pros go for or what they pick for camping. You can talk to other gamers or viewers and build an arsenal of skills that will help you win at your own game.

Shoot at the body

Elite players with devastating sniper accuracy will always kill their enemies with that shot. For you, learn about weapons and practice to master spray patterns. When you shoot, the recoil in most weapons ends in an upward trajectory. If you aim at the head, you are likely to shoot above. Avoid losing by aiming lower- at the body.

When shooting, click on the button for accuracy. If you hold the shoot button, your shots will most definitely be inaccurate. You will die.

Pay attention to the minimap

The minimap can significantly improve your chances of winning at the Counter-Strike. The map allows you to see when and where from another player shoots. Use the minimap to find enemies, reroute objectives, and more importantly avoid potential hot-zones.

Study the map to understand it and master places enemies are likely to hide. Knowing the map can also give you the chance to attack enemies by shooting through weak walls, doors, and boxes. Remember not to overdo this as you risk giving yourself away to the enemy.

You should also use the map to offer effective suggestions and ideas when you communicate with your team.

Don’t rush

Be patient and do not rush into hot-zones, or be in a hurry to kill an enemy if they cannot see you. It would also be just as bad to fire your weapons randomly. The wise thing to do is to take time and work with your team. You are looking to survive and win, and that comes with control.

Spend wisely

Winning isn’t all about what you are doing in combat. It also depends on how you handle your finances. Success in Counter-Strike- for you and the team- can come down to if you are able to buy another weapon when you lose around.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game, but winning takes strategy. Apart from learning your way up the levels, the team remains integral to your overall success.

If you have played any other game, you know that winning is a sum total of effort. For Counter-Strike, that effort comes with the above tips.


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