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TOP-16 Movies about Programmers You Should Watch
We all love a good movie! With so many genres to choose from, there is a type of movie for each and every one of us. This particular list is compromised for developers who love modern technology and its possibilities. The list includes intriguing computer science movies and a few classics that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the feature. If you frequently dwell in the programming world then you will [...]
Virtual Reality (VR) Revolution: 10 Things You Can Now Do in VR
What comes to your mind at the mention of virtual reality? Many people associate VR with video games. Although the technology has been used for playing video games, the VR revolution has made it possible to apply the technology in other areas. Virtual reality has been in the picture since the 1960s in the form of motion-tracking headsets, immersive stereoscopic videos, and experiences similar to Google’s interactive Street View. Over the years, advancement in VR [...]
TOP-5 Hyper Casual Games
With the increase in Smartphones the word “casual games” has become more common in our gaming glossary. Today’s world is the world of smartphones and different mobile games. There are some amazing games that are helpful for improving our thinking, ideas, and much much more. Hyper Casual games are such games. Let’s take a look at what are hyper-casual games. What are hyper-casual games? Hyper casual games are pretty easy in their graphics technique and [...]
TOP 7 VR headsets Ultimate List
Choosing the best VR headset isn't simple in 2018, particularly with countless distinct VR headsets growing in the market – and excellent deals arriving all the time. The great news for customers is that virtual reality headset for PC gaming is now much more affordable. Current VR headsets belong to two categories: Mobile or tethered. Mobile headsets are cases with lenses into which people can put their smartphones. The lenses divide the screen into a [...]