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TOP-10 Games to Play at Roblox

If you are asking what the best of Roblox games there is to sample, the list is endless. What’s more, the platform offers a massively multiplayer online (MMO) feature that allows you not only to create your own games and experiences but also to amass a wealth of skills by sharing tips with millions of other game lovers online.

Is it a sim you need, or is it an adventure? For free you will have access to games at Roblox loaded with murder mysteries, natural disasters, and hide and seek among other truly entertaining treats.

In short, there are countless titles in all types of genres on the platform and one can easily miss the real gems – those that have earned a spot at the peak of picks.

Here are the top 10 Roblox games that are currently the most popular and thus most entertaining in 2020.

TOP-10 Games to Play at Roblox

1. Theme Park Tycoon 2

If you have heard of Disneyland, or wish to create one (in a game), Theme Park Tycoon 2 is what you need. It is a game that offers you an opportunity to create parks much like in the popular Planet Coaster series.

In this strategy-based game, success comes with a constant peek at the leaderboards for motivation.

Get busy on your block of land and create your own theme park, with every attraction you add swelling visitor numbers as well as your budget.

2. Murder Mystery 2

Over 8.7 million players have ranked Murder Mystery 2 as their favorite Roblox game. And it’s easy to see why if you consider how deeply addictive this game can be. When you join the playing arena, you take one of three roles: the innocents, the SHERIFF, or the MURDERER.

The Sheriff and the Murderer are both armed and can kill. As an INNOCENT, you will be on the run and you aim to survive by exposing the murderer.

Put your detective skills on the test, with each fails likely to see you go for “just one more round” that could well eat the whole of that morning or evening boredom.

3. Phantom Forces

As far as shooter games go, Phantom Forces are up there with the rest as one of the top FPS titles on offer at Roblox. The maps are bigger and the weapons choice or game modes one of the best I have experienced on a multiplayer platform.

Think of Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield and you can pretty see what Phanton Forces offers. The combat is fast, but more than that, very engaging – especially my favorite mode Deathmatch.

4. Mad City

Mad City is a Town and City game for 26 players max and is visited by thousands of players every day. In this gripping game, you have the choice of taking either of two sides: good or evil.

Take joy in causing mayhem as a criminal, or take on the role of a superhero or police to fight the villains. The weapons on offer are also top-notch, with your options inclusive of a Sniper Rifle, SMG, shotgun, and explosives.

There are so many turns and twists in this game, and you and your friends can play it hours on end.

5. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake is one of the most enduring adventure games at Roblox. As you might rightly have guessed, this is a fun-filled game that allows you to dive deeper into the blue of the famous lake for treasure and collectibles.

What makes Scuba Diving at Quill Lake so fascinating is the sheer number of hidden secrets that you’ll only appreciate as you explore.

6. Work At A Pizza Place

Play the Work at a Pizza Place game on Roblox and put your skills at work in managing a virtual pizza shop. Take on any of jobs like the delivery-guy, chef, and supplier, or to get the most fun, as a gruff cashier.

But it is more fun to get Work at a Pizza Place than just working to grow the pizza business. Check out this game to see what else you get.

7. Jailbreak

Do you love heist games? Jailbreak has it all for you, with fun both within the prison and out of it.

First, you will need to take either of two roles: a criminal or a police officer.  Playing the criminal role allows you to devise escape plans while if you are the officer, your work is to foil any attempts the criminals may scheme.

There is even more fun if criminals escape. The game at this point moves into an adventure in town, with the police seeking to stop any robbery from happening.

8. Counter Blox

If you enjoy FPS games and fancied Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, check out this engaging multiplayer title. Be part of a squad and take the fight to others across the globe via Counter Blox.

You can use the money earned from in-game conquests to upgrade your weapons as you put your shooter skills and strategies to test against other top players.

9. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival carries the tag of one of the most popular games on Roblox. In this simple yet outrageously enjoyable game, the goal is to scamper from all manner of elements that will no doubt kill you.

It’s like the Survive the Disasters offering. Earn badges by evading and surviving natural disasters like flash floods, earthquakes, a bolt of lightning, and tornadoes because your life depends on that.

10. Vehicle Simulator

Race, perform stunts and be in police chases in this great Roblox game. Vehicle Simulator makes this list by virtue of being one of the best, yet straightforward racing games. Choose from over 55 unique cars for racing over the road, water, or air.

Put your driving adrenaline into use (the feel of speed and thrust of winning) and earn rewards for every race you top. Buy new cars, invite friends for a race, or customize your vehicles for a real unique feel.


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