When converting set of JPG, PNG, BMP images to AVI or WMV video slideshow with Image To Video SDK, you can use MP3 or WAV audio track as a background music.

In the sample codes below you can see how MP3 file is applied as a background music for the video slideshow during image to video conversion in VB.NET and C#.

Visual Basic .NET

Imports BytescoutImageToVideoLib
Module Module1
Sub Main()
Console.WriteLine("Converting JPG slides into video, please wait..")
' Create BytescoutImageToVideoLib.ImageToVideo object instance
Dim converter As ImageToVideo = New ImageToVideo()
' Activate the component
converter.RegistrationName = "demo"
converter.RegistrationKey = "demo"
' set default in effect for slides (you can also set effects for each single slide)
converter.Slides.DefaultSlideInEffect = 1 ' teFadeIn (1) - fades in effect for slides transition
converter.Slides.DefaultSlideInEffectDuration = 500 ' 500 msec for in effect
' Add images and set slide durations
Dim slide As Slide
slide = CType(converter.AddImageFromFileName("........slide1.jpg"), Slide)
slide.Duration = 3000 ' 3000ms = 3s
slide = CType(converter.AddImageFromFileName("........slide2.jpg"), Slide)
slide.Duration = 3000
slide = CType(converter.AddImageFromFileName("........slide3.jpg"), Slide)
slide.Duration = 3000
' Set background music
converter.ExternalAudioTrackFromFileName = "........bgmusic.mp3"
' Set output video size
converter.OutputWidth = 400
converter.OutputHeight = 300
' Set output video file name
converter.OutputVideoFileName = "result.wmv"
' Run the conversion
Console.WriteLine("Conversion is done. Press any key to continue...")
' Open the result video file in default media player
End Sub
End Module