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Static Site Generators – Beginner’s Guide
If you are a web developer, you always need to keep up with new design standards, methodologies, and stacks. After the web is evolving, and you need to as well. Jamstack and static site generators are the new buzzwords that you should know about. In this article, we are going to learn a lot about static site generators. We will also cover Jamstack and why it is vital to know about them. Jamstack stands for [...]
How Heroku Works – Complete Tutorial
Heroku is a well-known platform as a service (PaaS) solution, founded in 2007. It is a promising platform for developers as it gives them the ability to deploy and run applications without worrying about the underline infrastructure. The Heroku service offers a robust ecosystem comprised of integrated data services and managed container system. Heroku’s wide support for programming languages makes it a great choice for the developer community. At the time of writing, it supports [...]
How to Build an Angular Bot With AWS Lex
What is AWS Lex? Amazon Lex, commonly known as AWS Lex, is a service that helps in building various conversational interfaces. The users can integrate these interfaces with any application using both text and voice-based conversation. AWS Lex provides advanced deep learning functionalities, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for the sake of converting speech into text format. Moreover, Lex uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the possible intention of [...]
TOP-5 Tips to Make Coding Easier with Kafka
Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that allows the user to publish and subscribe to data streams. Kafka is speedy and has a high level of fault tolerance. It can manage a significant amount of data and track it in real-time. Apache Kafka can be used to manage real-time data exchange, monitor logs, and measure real-time traffic. Kafka is a high-throughput, extremely dependable system that is widely employed by large corporations these days. It [...]
How to Extract PDF Information and Convert into Google Sheets
PDF is an application utilized for communicating comprehensive information from one system to another. This electronic format allows the users in obtaining large data over various platforms efficiently and quickly. The PDF file format is free from the computer operating system. This quality makes the PDF file format portable and cooperative on any system. It can include hyperlinks, text, and much more. Hence, PDF is extensively utilized by users all over the world. Users face [...]
Ultimate PostgreSQL Tutorial for Beginner Programmers
PostgreSQL is a general-purpose and relational database management system. It is one of the most advanced open-source database systems. It was generated on POSTGRES 4.2 at Berkeley Computer Science Department, University of California. It operates on all principal operating systems such as Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows. Let’s take a look at some of the most important topics of PostgreSQL: Constraints How to apply all the [...]
How To Do Test-Driven Development in Python
Learning to code has always been a challenging thing to do. If you are a beginner, you can easily get overwhelmed with the types of development methodologies out there. However, there is one method that you can utilize for better learning and development experience, i.e., Test-driven development(TDD). Test-driven development(TDD) is one of the popular ways to code and create projects. It revolves around creating tests and then writing the actual code. Traditional development revolves around [...]
Lasso and Ridge Regressions using Python
This tutorial will study the Lasso and Ridge regression methods with Python implementations and discuss their differences. Table of Contents: Regression models Bias and variance terms Lasso regression and Python implementation Ridge regression and Python implementation Summary and Discussion We start from the general description of regression models and examine bias and variance concepts. Then we explain Lasso and Ridge regressions by demonstrating their Python implementations. In the last part, we summarize the tutorial and [...]
Basic Guide to Kubernetes
Developers have been using various ways to create and deploy applications. The most common are the traditional methods of deployment. Since this is the era of new technology advancements, software companies have been continuously introducing and applying the latest application deployment platforms to improve the process. Docker is the most common platform that has gained massive popularity relatively quickly by switching the deployment methods to isolated containers. Kubernetes is another platform that provides container-based deployment. [...]
Addressing LICECap Issue When Switching from Multiple Screen to Single Screen
LiceCap is a very useful tool to create GIF images from screen recording. It's open-source and much popular among developer communities. The final GIF image quality generated from LiceCap is great, and it's also size efficient! If you are not using LICECap then you should definitely try this out! Now coming to the issue I faced with LICECap. I usually work with multiple monitors and use LICECap to record the screen on my secondary monitor. [...]