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A Beginner’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence with Python
With over a decade of research and growth, artificial intelligence has started to show its promise. As a learner, this is probably the best possible time for you to learn AI. By 2021, $2.9 trillion of business will be generated by AI-enabled tools. Artificial intelligence is used almost everywhere. The most common use-case is social media, where AI works behind the scene to learn your viewing habits and recommend content that is more likely to [...]
How to Extract PDF Information and Convert into a Google Sheets
PDF is an application utilized for communicating comprehensive information from one system to another. This electronic format allows the users in obtaining large data over various platforms efficiently and quickly. The PDF file format is free from the computer operating system. This quality makes the PDF file format portable and cooperative on any system. It can include hyperlinks, text, and much more. Hence, PDF is extensively utilized by users all over the world. Users face [...]
Build Your First ChatBot in Python
Chatbots are the “next” big thing. They enable companies to provide customer support and another plethora of things. It is a big industry, and according to reports, the Chatbot market will reach 10.08$ billion by 2026. Artificial Intelligence has made not only the lives of the companies easier but that of the users as well. Customers are more demanding than ever. The fact that customers need answers instantly can give you an idea of customer’s [...]
Ultimate Tutorial about Microsoft Graph APIs
What is Microsoft Graph In this article, we’ll talk about Microsoft Graph APIs and will show you a quick preview of the essential features. This technology is growing up too fast so some existing features may not be longer available at the time of reading and surely new features will be added to it after the time of writing. Microsoft Graph API – formerly known as Office 365 unified API - is the new service-oriented [...]
How To Extract Data From Tables in PDF
This article aims to show how to extract data from PDF files including text, image, audio, video using C#. We all know that PDF format became the standard format of document exchanges and PDF documents are suitable for reliable viewing and printing of business documents. Almost all office software like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or had integrated the PDF format into them and they all had implemented the very useful feature known as “Export to PDF”. [...]
How to Use RPG Programming Language for MainFrame
Are you looking to program in RPG programming language for mainframe computers? Then, you have landed on the right page. But, before we go forward, let’s get to learn about the RPG programming language first. What is the RPG programming language? RPG programming language stands for Report Program Generator. It is high-level programming used for business applications. It’s history dates back to 1959 when IBM developed it to replicate punched card processing. It is aimed [...]
How to Program In Algol for MainFrame
Are you looking to learn about how to program in ALGOL programming language for mainframe computers? If you do, then you have come to the right place. ALGOL is undoubtedly one of the most influential languages out there. It became popular in the era of other influential programming languages such as COBOL, Fortran, and so on! What Makes ALGOL so special? So, what made ALGOL so special? It is because it influenced other languages and [...]
How to Automate a Desktop Application?
There are various automation tools available to automate the application but very few for the desktop application. If you google then you will find a few open-source tools for various operating systems such as Windows, MAC, and Linux. Here are some tools: WinAppDriver: Also known as Windows Application Driver is a tool that supports Selenium UI Test Automation on Windows desktop Applications. It is created by Microsoft as an open-source project and it works only [...]
How to Program in Assembly Language for Mainframe Computers
Assembly language is known for low-level access to computers. As mainframes are all about performance and efficiency, assembly language is frequently used to program them. In this article, we will learn how to program in assembly programming language for mainframe computers. Pre-Requisite To Get Started Getting Started With Assembly Language Examples! Assembler Source To Executable Module So, let’s get started. Program in Assembly programming language for mainframe Pre-Requisite To Get Started Assembly language is not [...]
How to Program in SAS Language for Mainframe Computers
SAS is one of the most popular statistical suites out there. It is used for advanced analytics, a criminal investigation, data management, and so on. The SAS programming language is also popular and is used for multiple use-cases including its usage in mainframe computers. Mainframes are powerful computers used for critical applications by large applications. That’s what makes it hard to program and maintain. In this article, we will take a look at how you [...]