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How to Block Access to WordPress Website from a Specific Country
If you see a spike in popularity from particular countries to your firm's WordPress site, along with a significant rise in spamming in remarks or through web forms, you may ban all access from those nations. It's also possible that if your site isn't useful to individuals in particular nations, you'll get minimal or zero visitors from them. Then there's a sharp spike, your server's capabilities are depleted, and your website suffers. Malware and bots, [...]
Basic CRUD operation using Dapper!
Dapper is an object mapper for .Net. As per stackoverflow definition, dapper is a micro-ORM, offering core parameterization and materialization services, but (by design) not the full breadth of services that you might expect in a full ORM such as LINQ-to-SQL or Entity Framework. While working on one project in my company, I have come across this library and found that it is one of the fastest ORMs available in .net. For statistics, below is [...]
OpenCart Blogs Sales & Migration from OC2 to OC3
In this article, I will explain how OpenCart Blogs Sales helped me increase the revenue of my E-commerce Store and the challenges we faced while updating OpenCart 2 to OpenCart 3. If you do not know about OpenCart, below is a brief description of OpenCart. Table of Contents: OpenCart OpenCart Blogs Strategies to Increase Revenue & Traffic using Blogs TMD Advance Blog Module Migration From OC2 to OC3 Dashboard Migration Conclusion OpenCart OpenCart is an [...]
Polymorphism in C#
'Poly' means many, and 'morphism' means forms. Hence, Polymorphism represents "many forms," which arises when several classes are connected by inheritance. Polymorphism uses the same inheritance approaches to carry out various objectives and enables a single function in several ways. Benefits of Encapsulation Polymorphism is Classified into Two Types Overview of Polymorphism Benefits of Encapsulation Data Hiding: The user will be unaware of the class's internal implementation, and the user will not be able to [...]
Multiple Uses of PDF Extractor Powerful Toolkit
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use PDF Extractor SDK to perform multiple PDF activities in C# programming. PDF Extractor SDK is a complete toolkit of enhanced PDF and image extractor engines in C# and VB.NET. You can quickly customize this SDK in your app allowing you to extract any data from your PDF document automatically. In this brief guide, we will cover the following features of PDF Extractor SDK in C#: [...]
How to Manage Kubernetes: AWS EKS vs. ECS vs. Fargate
Cloud technology has always been the number one choice for businesses that want to scale their business. At the core, we have containers. They are not new but have changed how enterprises scale their solutions. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a well-known cloud service solution provider. They offer some exciting and valuable services for container management. These services include Amazon Elastic Compute(ECS) Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS) Fargate As a business, it is critical to know the difference [...]
Static Site Generators – Beginner’s Guide
If you are a web developer, you always need to keep up with new design standards, methodologies, and stacks. After the web is evolving, and you need to as well. Jamstack and static site generators are the new buzzwords that you should know about. In this article, we are going to learn a lot about static site generators. We will also cover Jamstack and why it is vital to know about them. Jamstack stands for [...]
How Heroku Works – Complete Tutorial
Heroku is a well-known platform as a service (PaaS) solution, founded in 2007. It is a promising platform for developers as it gives them the ability to deploy and run applications without worrying about the underline infrastructure. The Heroku service offers a robust ecosystem comprised of integrated data services and managed container system. Heroku’s wide support for programming languages makes it a great choice for the developer community. At the time of writing, it supports [...]
How to Build an Angular Bot With AWS Lex
What is AWS Lex? Amazon Lex, commonly known as AWS Lex, is a service that helps in building various conversational interfaces. The users can integrate these interfaces with any application using both text and voice-based conversation. AWS Lex provides advanced deep learning functionalities, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for the sake of converting speech into text format. Moreover, Lex uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the possible intention of [...]
TOP-5 Tips to Make Coding Easier with Kafka
Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that allows the user to publish and subscribe to data streams. Kafka is speedy and has a high level of fault tolerance. It can manage a significant amount of data and track it in real-time. Apache Kafka can be used to manage real-time data exchange, monitor logs, and measure real-time traffic. Kafka is a high-throughput, extremely dependable system that is widely employed by large corporations these days. It [...]