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How To Do Test-Driven Development in Python
Learning to code has always been a challenging thing to do. If you are a beginner, you can easily get overwhelmed with the types of development methodologies out there. However, there is one method that you can utilize for better learning and development experience, i.e., Test-driven development(TDD). Test-driven development(TDD) is one of the popular ways to code and create projects. It revolves around creating tests and then writing the actual code. Traditional development revolves around [...]
Lasso and Ridge Regressions using Python
This tutorial will study the Lasso and Ridge regression methods with Python implementations and discuss their differences. Table of Contents: Regression models Bias and variance terms Lasso regression and Python implementation Ridge regression and Python implementation Summary and Discussion We start from the general description of regression models and examine bias and variance concepts. Then we explain Lasso and Ridge regressions by demonstrating their Python implementations. In the last part, we summarize the tutorial and [...]
Basic Guide to Kubernetes
Developers have been using various ways to create and deploy applications. The most common are the traditional methods of deployment. Since this is the era of new technology advancements, software companies have been continuously introducing and applying the latest application deployment platforms to improve the process. Docker is the most common platform that has gained massive popularity relatively quickly by switching the deployment methods to isolated containers. Kubernetes is another platform that provides container-based deployment. [...]
Addressing LICECap Issue When Switching from Multiple Screen to Single Screen
LiceCap is a very useful tool to create GIF images from screen recording. It's open-source and much popular among developer communities. The final GIF image quality generated from LiceCap is great, and it's also size efficient! If you are not using LICECap then you should definitely try this out! Now coming to the issue I faced with LICECap. I usually work with multiple monitors and use LICECap to record the screen on my secondary monitor. [...]
Best Practices with TypeScript and React
Front web development is exciting as it gives you the ability to work on different technologies. TypeScript and React are those two amazing front-end technologies that give you complete control over your website. However, as a developer, you may find it hard to manage them. In short, it can get confusing and challenging when you want those two technologies to work together. That’s why, in this article, we go through some of the best practices [...]
The Preprocessor Directives in C
The C preprocessor directives are executed before the compilation of a program. It is not a part of the compiler and it is a separate step in the compilation process. It instructs the compiler to do the required pre-processing before the actual compilation of a program. So it is just a text substitution tool. There are several steps present in between writing a program and executing a program. How does the preprocessor work? The programmer [...]
What is SVG and its Importance
Web and formats go hand to hand. And, if you are new to the web, you will surely have been introduced to a bunch of them. One of the notable format you would surely have heard about is SVG. In this article, we will explore SVG, its history, and its importance in web development. So, by the end of the article, you will have a complete understanding of SVG and can use the knowledge in [...]
Automated Deployment Using GitHub
When the developer has built the desired application, the SDLC's next step is to deploy it for testing purposes. The process of delivering the application code to specific customers is known as deployment. It is an essential aspect of application development because it impacts the quick response of applications in time and new changes. The quality to adopt change and deliver a fast response time of the product depends upon the deployment method. Another essential [...]
Switching the Traditional Deployment with Docker
There are various platforms to develop websites and applications that provide easily comprehensible frameworks for developers' work. However, some of them have proven to be promising in professional development. Deployment of applications through Docker is becoming popular in developing community lately. Table of Content What is Docker? Reasons for Switching Deployment Platform Difficulties with Traditional Deployment Deployment Using Docker Benefits of using Containers in Docker What is Docker? Docker is a tool that was introduced [...]
Internationalization with React
Internationalization aka i18n is a concept that refers to the development of user interfaces in different languages. The major benefit of supporting multiple languages is that it expands our reach. But, sometimes we are even required to support a specific language. For example, government websites are mostly using the national/local language of their country. Recently, JavaScript has emerged as the most popular language for the web, mobile, desktop, and even game development. So, today we [...]