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TOP-12 Interview Questions for Real Estate Agent
When planning for a real estate interview, bear in mind that the interviewer would almost certainly pose a series of questions to ascertain the personality. Since real estate agents deal with various people, the interviewer can mix it up and see how you react to multiple types of people and situations. Employers in this profession may like to know your previous success. You should anticipate being questioned on the annual purchase volume and the difficulty [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions for Managers
Although each sector is unique, there are specific requirements that you can pretty much guarantee any company can search for in a manager. Companies expect managers to take on leadership positions, reliably deliver good outcomes and successfully complete delegated tasks. They hope managers serve as mentors, have a track record of constructive experiences with coworkers, and be problem solvers. A manager must maintain a professional demeanor while dealing with controversy. The below are several critical [...]
TOP-12 Interview Questions on Bootstrap
1. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a highly responsive framework for front-end web development. The implementation of HTML, CSS, and JS is greatly instrumental in building web applications, (especially mobile-based web apps) with great efficiency. It is a sleek, intuitive, and open-source framework used popularly among developers.   2. What do you understand about Bootstrap containers? Containers are fundamental building blocks of the Bootstrap framework. It constitutes one of the most basic forms to format [...]
TOP-16 Interview Questions on Vue
Hello Coder! If you want to ace your interview with flying colors or want to brush up your skills, you have landed in the right place. Now, you can be smarter with every interview you give and perform better every time. So, boost up your core interview skills with the help of the following interview questions on Vue. 1. What is Vue.js? How can you work with it? Ans. It is a progressive Javascript framework [...]
TOP-15 Django Interview Questions
1. Outline the basic features of Django. Django is SEO optimized. It is very fast. It is a fully equipped framework. Django comes with authentications, content administrations, RSS feeds, etc. The framework is highly scalable. Hence, you can use it to monitor even the heaviest traffic demands. The framework is highly adaptable and hence can be used to design any website. The framework is highly secure. It has an Admin Interface (CRUD). It is a [...]
TOP-10 Advanced Interview Questions for Python Developers
Python, being a user-friendly language, is immensely popular among developers. Hence, the job market is also highly competitive for Python developers. Therefore, it has become necessary for them to be fully prepared and have a clear understanding of Python data structures and types. Below is the compilation of top interview questions for the Python developers: 1.   Why do the developers use “Self” in Python? Ans: The keyword “self” represents an instance of a class in [...]
TOP-20 Interview Questions in Banking
When it comes to the banking industry's job prospects, many people, including newcomers and seasoned workers worldwide, choose to become a banker. Getting work in the banking sector isn't that straightforward. It needs the right academic credentials, competence, honesty, responsibility, determination, and expertise. Suppose you are interviewing for an entry-level job or a high-ranking position. In that case, the interviewer poses a lot of technical questions. So, here are some of the best banking interview [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions in jQuery for Advanced Programmers
1. Explain the effects method in jQuery. The effects method in jquery is used to add effects to a web page. Hence, the effects that can be added to a web page are fading, hiding and showing, animation and sliding. Many different methods can be used to put effects on a web page using jQuery. The effects that can be used are as follows: show(): The show effect is used to show specific elements on [...]
Best Interview Questions in jQuery for Starters
We have some questions you may expect during the jQuery interview if you have received a call for an interview for the role of jQuery coder. Users are required to be familiar with JavaScript as it is one of the essential requirements. Below are some of the questions that may be asked to a jQuery coder in an interview: 1. Define jQuery. Answer: jQuery is a quick, lightweight, feature-rich client-side JavaScript library. It is cross-platform [...]
TOP Advanced Interview Questions in Ruby on Rails
You are at the right place if you are searching for advanced interview questions in Ruby on Rails. There are a plethora of opportunities from a majority of reputed companies around the world. According to research on Ruby on Rails, it was found that it has a market share of about you still have the possibility of moving ahead in your career in Ruby on Rails. Below are some of the most commonly asked [...]