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TOP-10 Interview Questions in Ruby on Rails for Freshers
Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework written in the programming language Ruby. Since its launch, it has successfully made a mark among the other frameworks and programming languages like Java, Python, etc. Ruby on Rails framework is easy to use, allows creativity and imagination while coding, has clear test codes, is developer-based and object-oriented. Due to these reasons, the demand for the framework is increasing day by day. Along with necessary technical knowledge and [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions in SQL for Experienced
SQL stands for a structured query language, meaning a domain-specific programming language for controlling data in DBMS. SQL programming skills are incredibly e beneficial and required in the market as there is extensive use of database management systems in nearly every software application. Below is a curated list of SQL interview questions and answers for experienced personals that are likely to be asked during an interview. 1. What is a stored procedure? Explain with an [...]
TOP-5 Interview Questions in SQL for Beginners
SQL stands for Standard Query Language. SQL is primarily used to manage the Database Management System data. There is a very high demand for SQL developers in the market, and if you are going to appear for an interview, you have landed in the right place. The following questions are the most likely asked Interview questions in SQL. Please go through them and ace your interview with flying colors. 1. What is the difference between [...]
TOP-12 Interview Questions in HTML and CSS
HTML Interview Questions 1. Describe the two types of web storage in HTML5. Answer: the two types of storages in HTML5 are Local storage: this storage property allows data storage without any expiration date. The storage of data for the given website is done on a permanent basis. It will not be deleted even if the browser gets closed. This means data will be stored till the next day, week, or year unless it is [...]
TOP-15 Intermediate Interview Questions for PHP Programmers
Q1. How to determine the 'truth' of any value of non-boolean type? The rules are as follows: A number value is false if it is exactly equal to zero and, otherwise, true. If the string value is empty, has no characters, or is '0', it is false and, otherwise, true. Null-type values are always considered false. If the array value has no other values, it is false. Objects containing value refers to a member variable [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions in .NET
This article contains common .NET interview questions and answers that can help you land the position and test your knowledge of the framework. Q1. What is.NET framework? Answer: It is a software framework developed by Microsoft, which is used to create and run a wide range of software applications on windows. It supports various languages like C#, VB, Cobol, Perl, .NET, etc. With the help of. NET developers can work on both form- and web-based [...]