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Zapier Bytescout API Integration: Convert PDF to CSV – Use Case
Converting a PDF to CSV ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. This can be kicked off by any number of file-oriented triggers. One way to approach this is to create a Zap that is triggered by using Email by Zapier. When a new email is received, Zapier can create the file inside a specified Dropbox folder. This workflow will already add value to the accounts receivable team [...]
Zapier and ByteScout API Integration: Barcode Reading Use Case
Introduction ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. Inventive tools and APIs from ByteScout organize safe files and image handling. Read extensive information about RESTful API efficient functions and integration. Zapier is an outstanding iPaaS provider of more than 750 stock connectors to Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Drive, etc. “Webhooks” represents a Zapier connector and has a perfect performance. This is a REST client functionality that improves connection to the system with [...]
Getting Started with ReactJS Components: The Only Guide You Need
ReactJS is one of the most modern and powerful JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook. In this article, we'll see how to start with ReactJS using the minimal setup (no use of NodeJS). We'll also talk about each major part of the library and finally, we'll focus on existing ReactJS available components in the market. The article includes the following chapters: 1. Quick start with ReactJS Choose the [...]
How to setup a new Windows Server with ASP.NET MVC Application on AWS EC2
Learn how to set up a new Windows Server with ASP.NET MVC Application: 1. Setting Free Trial Account on AWS 2. Creating and configuring EC2 Instance 3. Connecting to EC2 remote desktop 4. Setting IIS on EC2 Instance 5. Installing Web deploy package on EC2 Instance 6. Creating ASP.NET MVC Application using VS2015 Web Express 7. Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application from VS2015 Web Express 1. Setting Free Trial Account on AWS Go to - [...]
ImageTragick issue: how to verify images and documents to protect from renamed malicious files
Yesterday, the critical security flaw revealed in the popular ImageMagick image processing package. The security issue allows executing the code by passing a specifically modified image. This is a serious threat to any service that relies on ImageMagick should protect their installation as soon as possible. The site dedicated to this "ImageTragick" issue advises to "If you use ImageMagick or an affected library, we recommend you mitigate the known vulnerabilities by doing at least one of these two [...]