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Best Ways to Migrate School Records to Cloud
There are amazing advantages of utilizing cloud computing in education. Yet, cloud migration can be a complex method. A fundamental concern is to keep strong security both throughout the migration and in the post-migration conditions. Ideally, once the school data migration is finished, the database will have robust security. This post is all about the safest and the most efficient way to migrate school records to the cloud. Let's take a look. Importance of Migration [...]
How NoSQL Migration Works
Wherever there is a requirement for the accessibility and usage of services with extraordinary traffic, managing at the same time an extraordinary performance, the obstacle usually is the database. When one discusses high-traffic operations or settings and databases, one rarely harks about relational databases. When migrating to a database, one of the greatest decisions is picking a relational (SQL) or (NoSQL) database. While both are good choices, there are key discrepancies between the two. This [...]
AWS Cloud Migration – Ultimate Checklist
With Amazon Web Services (AWS), small and big companies can store computing power, storage, and other resources, maintaining access to a set of flexible IT infrastructure services as the industry needs them. With insignificant expense and energy, companies can migrate their application to the AWS cloud and decrease costs, reduce support and organizational expenses, and maintain the production, security, and dependability specifications of their business requirements. This post is explaining how to determine the mover [...]
How to Manage Kubernetes: AWS EKS vs. ECS vs. Fargate
Cloud technology has always been the number one choice for businesses that want to scale their business. At the core, we have containers. They are not new but have changed how enterprises scale their solutions. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a well-known cloud service solution provider. They offer some exciting and valuable services for container management. These services include Amazon Elastic Compute(ECS) Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS) Fargate As a business, it is critical to know the difference [...]
Static Site Generators – Beginner’s Guide
If you are a web developer, you always need to keep up with new design standards, methodologies, and stacks. After the web is evolving, and you need to as well. Jamstack and static site generators are the new buzzwords that you should know about. In this article, we are going to learn a lot about static site generators. We will also cover Jamstack and why it is vital to know about them. Jamstack stands for [...]
How Heroku Works – Complete Tutorial
Heroku is a well-known platform as a service (PaaS) solution, founded in 2007. It is a promising platform for developers as it gives them the ability to deploy and run applications without worrying about the underline infrastructure. The Heroku service offers a robust ecosystem comprised of integrated data services and managed container system. Heroku’s wide support for programming languages makes it a great choice for the developer community. At the time of writing, it supports [...]
How to Build an Angular Bot With AWS Lex
What is AWS Lex? Amazon Lex, commonly known as AWS Lex, is a service that helps in building various conversational interfaces. The users can integrate these interfaces with any application using both text and voice-based conversation. AWS Lex provides advanced deep learning functionalities, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for the sake of converting speech into text format. Moreover, Lex uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the possible intention of [...]
TOP-5 Lambda Optimization Strategies that Work
Companies in 2021 aim to make their business process as effective as possible. That’s why you will find companies using pay-as-you-models. If your organization is using AWS, then Lambda computes service provides an excellent way to automate servers. AWS Lambda is one of the AWS serverless computing services. The service lets you run your code without the need to manage the server. Technically, teams can run code on compute infrastructure without the need to administrate [...]
Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Testing
Application development and testing have evolved in the past decade. With cloud computing, things have changed. It is now possible to develop and test in the cloud. But why would you need the cloud for testing purposes? We will cover it and more in our guide on cloud testing. Rapid Development Cycles are now common among teams. It is now paramount to get to market first and then use an agile methodology to keep making [...]
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Cloud technology is one of the main innovations in recent times and Microsoft Azure is one of the major players. This extensive guide about Microsoft Azure covers a list of various Azure cloud services. The growth of cloud computing gives companies the ability to instantly outline computing devices without the expensive and difficult job of raising data hubs, and without the expenses of managing servers with poor functioning due to changeable workloads. Microsoft Azure is [...]