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Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Testing
Application development and testing have evolved in the past decade. With cloud computing, things have changed. It is now possible to develop and test in the cloud. But why would you need the cloud for testing purposes? We will cover it and more in our guide on cloud testing. Rapid Development Cycles are now common among teams. It is now paramount to get to market first and then use an agile methodology to keep making [...]
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Cloud technology is one of the main innovations in recent times and Microsoft Azure is one of the major players. This extensive guide about Microsoft Azure covers a list of various Azure cloud services. The growth of cloud computing gives companies the ability to instantly outline computing devices without the expensive and difficult job of raising data hubs, and without the expenses of managing servers with poor functioning due to changeable workloads. Microsoft Azure is [...]
Google Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services that developed around the primary Google App Engine structure for managing web applications from Google's data centers. GCP has developed into one of the major cloud computing platforms on the market. This GCP cheat sheet will escort you through the fundamentals of Google Cloud, which will be necessary for novices and also for those who seek to catch a swift look at the relevant [...]
10 Reasons Why You Need to Secure Your Daily PDF Files
PDF has become a prominent document format for everyday use. Its use in businesses for corporate correspondence is even more pronounced. This format offers ease of portability, advanced security features, and wide support. PDF documents frequently contain sensitive personal, private, and confidential information. Regular PDF documents in general and corporate PDF documents, in particular, must conform to the latest security standards to keep the essential information secure. Experts typically agree that PDFs are safe and [...]
Amazon Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Amazon Cloud is made up of a collection of physical assets, such as machines and hard drives, and virtual devices, such as VMs, that are held in data centers around the world. Each data center area is in a country. Regions are open in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Each region is a set of zones, which are separated from each other within the country. Each zone is recognized by a title [...]
Serverless Computing Tutorial for Developers
Modern-day application development is rapidly moving from legacy on-premise monolithic based architecture towards a cloud-based serverless architecture where whole applications are divided into smaller functions/services called microservice’s and each service is deployed as an independent function on a serverless computing platform and servers fully managed by the cloud providers as ( FaaS ) function as a service. In this article, we would try to understand what is serverless computing and why it’s gaining popularity and [...]
Ultimate Tutorial about Microsoft Graph APIs
What is Microsoft Graph In this article, we’ll talk about Microsoft Graph APIs and will show you a quick preview of the essential features. This technology is growing up too fast so some existing features may not be longer available at the time of reading and surely new features will be added to it after the time of writing. Microsoft Graph API – formerly known as Office 365 unified API - is the new service-oriented [...]
What is the Difference Between CDN and Nginx? AWS Cloudfront vs Nginx Comparison
Nginx is the open-source server app (its source code is here) that you can install and run on your own server. It is specifically optimized to serve static content from your server like images or static files (i.e. not rendered by some code). Usually, the developer setting it up to run before a dynamic web server so it can serve static files first. Thanks to its speed and low memory consumption, it is extensively used [...]
Amazon Web Services Messaging System: SNS vs SQS vs Kinesis
As modern application architecture are rapidly moving from trivial monolithic to server-less microservices and event-based systems which makes the application more flexible, fault-tolerant, modular, and easily maintainable apart from these benefits it also comes with the added overhead of managing the communication between various components this is where messaging systems come in to picture. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a well-equipped fully managed messaging stack’s as services like SNS, SQS, Kinesis which comes in handy [...]
All You Need to Know about REST APIs
Representational Stateless Transfer APIs - popularly called REST or RESTful APIs - are the most commonly used web services currently in use. RESTFUL APIs are primarily application programming interfaces that allow developers to incorporate HTTP requests to provide communication services in different web technologies. Put simply, RESTful APIs are primarily web services that allow efficient communication between two systems. REST, don’t SOAP Isolated and Secure Our solution Efficiency at REST RESTful Authentication HATEOAS REST APIs [...]