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.NET Core vs .NET Framework: How to Pick a .NET Runtime for an Application
In this article, we are going to review some arguments you may have to consider before adopting either .NET Core or .NET Framework for your incoming project. Rather than to be a simple technical point of view, the final decision is mostly motivated by many other considerations. Intro Personal and team skills Project requirements The Infrastructure The tools you have and the tools you want to use: framework integration. Your budget, time, and resources: project [...]
Amazon AWS Textract vs Web API
It is said that "Data is new Oil". And it is true if you consider analysis reports of today's economists. Future data will be more valuable than oil. But it makes us wonder, where is this data stored and how do we extract data to benefit from it? Most companies today in different industries and sectors produce huge amounts of daily data in various forms such as physical documents, scanned documents, photos, digitally filled forms, [...]
TOP Things About Cloud Computing in 2020
Cloud computing gives more uncomplicated access to the server, warehouse, database, and application support, with users supplying and utilizing the least set of specifications to treat their application requirements. Cloud technology is a standard for allowing universal, accessible, on-demand system entrance to a distributed equipment of configurable computing devices that can be quickly provisioned and delivered with least administration work or co-operation provider communication. What Is the Cloud? The phrase cloud is just how a [...]
How to Consume Web API Using Angular (TypeScript)
There are 2 ways to build a web application. The 1st way - and certainly the oldest way - is to handle the web application on the server and just send back HTML to the browser. It's basically like Wikipedia, Amazon, or LinkedIn. Almost every interaction triggers a page change or a page reload. Then, comes the 2nd way. The principle is to give to the browser all HTML layouts of every screen in the [...]
How to Read BarCodes with Web API provides a restful API to read the barcode input file and extract its value. In this article, we'll explore the following programs to get a better understanding of barcode reader API. Read barcode from URL input Read barcode from file input Read Barcode from file input Asynchronously Before we jump into programs let's get an overview of barcode reader API. Read Barcodes From URL or file API Details URL: Read barcodes from [...]
How to Generate BarCodes with Web API
In this article, we'll see how to generate a barcode with Barcode generation API. This API is restful in nature, hence easily consumable by most of the programming frameworks without the need to install any third-party library. Barcode generation API generates high-quality printable and scannable barcodes in images or PDF format. It covers all popular barcode types such as Code 39, Code 128 to QR Code, DataMatrix, and PDF417. We'll be covering the [...]
What is API and why it exists?
We all know our day-to-day applications like Google Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail. All of these applications have a so-called API (Application Programming Interface). Application Programming Interface is the way these applications can interact with each other. But why it exists and who is using it? It is used by other programmers and what is most important, APIs save a lot of time for programmers. API usually consists of the following parts: implementation of API: there [...]
ByteScout PDF Tools for Zapier are now available!
ByteScout PDF Tools are now connected to Zapier! The functions available in our tools can be automated with other services on the Zapier platform. You are not required to be a professional or any developer in order to operate with ByteScout tools inside Zapier. All ByteScout Tools are now available via Web API (former ByteScout Cloud API). Install for Zapier. Zapier is a perfect constructor that brings together widely used applications and makes [...]
Ultimate AngularJS Guide For Coding SPAs
Let’s start with a clear definition of a “single page application.” An SPA is a web application that is contained in a single HTML page that contains all scripts and resources required, and thus provides a user experience similar to a desktop app. Ideally, SPA loads all HTML, CSS, images, and required scripts such that all resources are dynamically available, and so that the page need not reload nor transfer control to another page. To [...]
7 Proven Ways To Fight Against New Signups To Your Website
1. Captcha How can I stop spam? Probably you asked this question plenty of times. Remember Remember: the best captcha is the one you have invented yourself. Try to put some creativity into it: ask a user to paint something, to calculate some formula, translate something from Ancient Greek mixed with Latin phrases and so on — do not limit your self! Your user failed to understand the math formula or not able to translate [...]