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ByteScout has announced new online applications, very fast and easy-to-use! OPEN TIMESHEET ONLINE This online timesheet app helps you to organize your working activity. It is easy to do project time tracking by checking your time in and time out and time on break. The tool will calculate your total working time. This tool is better than some time management apps as it is simple and easy-to-use with a smart interface. You won't lose your extra [...]
ByteScout has created new online apps platform, very well-performing, quick and easy-to-use! OPEN QR CODE GENERATOR ONLINE QR Code Generator is a fast free online application that allows you to create QR code in a few moments. You can enter any type of data to generate your barcodes: Insert an URL and get a nice QR code; Fill in the VCard and process it with this QR code maker easily; Introduce a message and get it [...]
ByteScout has launched new web apps, very simple, smooth and quick-to-use! OPEN INVOICE GENERATOR ONLINE Start using this free invoice software online by submitting all necessary information about the billing: invoice destination and who made it, date, country and region, payment terms, due date and the total amount of the invoice payment. The tool can calculate taxes according to the country/region. The generated invoice can be saved or printed accordingly. Best free invoice app makes it very useful [...]
ByteScout has launched a number of web apps, nice, simple and easy-to-use! OPEN WORD COUNT TOOL ONLINE Word Counter is a very simple-to-use web app that counts words or characters as well as sentences online. It can be a brilliant helper for analyzing your snippets during SEO optimization. It can help easily to count words in text as well as to find out the number of sentences. The word count app can be useful for anyone, [...]
ByteScout has released a number of web apps, very fast-to-use with a simple interface! OPEN REGULAR EXPRESSIONS TESTER ONLINE This regex tester is indispensable for any developer. It has a simple layout and allows testing information directly online just with a few clicks. In order to test regular expressions online, you need to fill out the fields below. You can also replace regular expressions easily with this online application. Every month our team of developers improves existing [...]
ByteScout has released a set of web apps, nice, simple and easy-to-use! OPEN JSON VALIDATOR ONLINE JSON validator is a fast operating free utility for JSON programmers and developers of any level. The interface is simple and comprehensible. Just insert your input into the window and validate it with the FORMAT button. You can put any amount of info you want. Validation with ByteScout JSON beautifier tool will help you create JSON online and render your [...]
ByteScout has developed a number of online applications, helpful and easy-to-use! OPEN TO DO LIST APP ONLINE If you feel lost in a crowd of daily activities you might want to create the list of tasks with To Do Organizer. Just add all the things you have in mind, gradually. You can accomplish it with a weekly do to list. When done, you have all your tasks in Pending. By ticking each of them after completion, [...]
ByteScout has developed a group of online applications, easy-to-use, fast and very nice! OPEN BASE 64 DECODER ENCODER ONLINE Base64 encoder and decoder is a smart tool allowing you to convert a piece of text, a string or a few strings from/to the following formats: UTF-8, ASCII, Windows-1252, ISO and many others. All you need to do is to paste the selected element into the window and press the DECODE button to start processing. Our web [...]
ByteScout has developed a set of web apps, which are very comfortable and easy-to-use with the simplest interface. OPEN LINES SORTING ONLINE TOOL Here are some of the things you can do when working with your text strings: remove empty lines and double empty lines - so that the entire text becomes neat and organized; remove non-alphanumeric; capitalize the whole text if you typed lowercase symbols by mistake; do different sorting: A -> Z and backward, [...]
ByteScout has launched a group of web apps, simple, nice and fast-to-use! OPEN PAYMENT REMINDERS EMAIL GENERATOR ONLINE This is a simple app to create invoices for your clients that forgot to pay very last moment. The invoice reminders generator is a quite complete tool that includes everything you need. All you have to do is to include the necessary data about your invoice: number, date, amount and details of your customer. As soon as you [...]