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ByteScout team has introduced a brand new online application, that you should absolutely check! OPEN DATA PLAYGROUND Data Playground is a cool interactive workspace you might wanna use to play with data in CSV tables and reports. This app is good for developers of beginner and advanced levels. ByteScout Data Playground allows you to load data from multiple CSV files and then filter, sort, group them using easy to use natural language interface. You may view results and [...]
Simple Online Calculator for Free, for Gmail and Google Docs, Check this Cool Function Calculator for Multiple Purposes
Here's our new tool at ByteScout. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly and smart calculator! You can install it at Google Chrome Store or at Gmail Store depending on where you will use it most of the time. The addon can be smoothly installed into your browser and used on a daily basis. So, how can ByteScout online calculator help you? Well, it can do many things: starting from the easy functions to really large calculations. [...]
As is widely known, sending large files via Email can be a complicated process when using a desktop email client or another service. Regular email services, such as Google and Outlook, will offer you various alternatives if your file turns out to be too big to send. This is especially true when users want to send large video files or high-quality images to someone. Unfortunately, common email services as the ones mentioned above have limitations [...]
We have made a convenient and shortlist out of the thousands of file transfer apps and websites available online to save you time and the effort of going through each one. If none seem to suit your needs, then a quick search will lead to more options. Keep in mind that the following recommendations deal mostly with large files that cannot be easily emailed. These applications and sites are used to upload and download multiple [...]
Each file has a different weight to it, making it easy or hard to transfer. You can check how much your file “weighs” by looking at its properties. Sending multiple files will also add to the size. If you want to make a large file transfer, you might be met with a few problems. For one, most email applications and services offer a limited size, usually 25 MB, as an attachment. This means that high-quality [...]
ByteScout team launched new online applications, don't hesitate to check! OPEN JS PLAYGROUND JS Playground is a great interactive tool that you can use to learn JavaScript and enjoy JS development in a playful way. It has never been so easy to improve JS skills for beginner and advanced developers. JS playground is a totally unique online application with a smart developer-friendly interface. It is serverless and provides you with hyper flexibility in acquiring JavaScript programming skills. Choose a JS [...]
ByteScout team launched new online applications, take a quick check! OPEN QUESTION TO SQL ONLINE Question to SQL is a smart tool to improve your SQL skills and to practice SQL language mastering. It is based on our extensive database of SQL queries with relative deep SQL examples. The Question to SQL online app is speedy and well-performing with a simple developer-friendly interface. You may type any sentence in the program straight away and get a neat response with [...]
ByteScout team created new online applications, take a look! OPEN SQL TRAINER ONLINE This online SQL trainer is a great exercising application for those willing to learn SQL or to improve the knowledge. It is based on our great database of SQL queries with relative deep SQL examples. If you are an experienced SQL programmer, check the advanced version of SQL trainer. OPEN SQL TRAINER ADVANCED The SQL online application is fast and easy-to-use with an incredibly [...]
ByteScout has announced new online applications, very fast and easy-to-use! OPEN TIMESHEET ONLINE This online timesheet app helps you to organize your working activity. It is easy to do project time tracking by checking your time in and time out and time on break. The tool will calculate your total working time. This tool is better than some time management apps as it is simple and easy-to-use with a smart interface. You won't lose your extra [...]
ByteScout has created new online apps platform, very well-performing, quick and easy-to-use! OPEN QR CODE GENERATOR ONLINE QR Code Generator is a fast free online application that allows you to create QR code in a few moments. You can enter any type of data to generate your barcodes: Insert an URL and get a nice QR code; Fill in the VCard and process it with this QR code maker easily; Introduce a message and get it [...]