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Why PDF.co is quicker and better than other options

With PDFs becoming one of the most popular document formats, individuals and businesses are now faced with the uphill task of editing them. Unlike other formats, PDFs cannot be edited easily without the help of certain specialized software. Most of these don’t come free of cost, and the free versions only offer you a limited number of features.

Here’s where PDF.co steps in to fill the void. PDF.co is a free online solution for all your PDF needs (there are offline tools available for download as well). It helps you perform a variety of tasks, some of which are explained below.

  1. JPEG to PDF – This option lets you convert any JPEG image into a PDF document.
  2. Webpage to PDF – This little feature is a time saver. You can save any webpage as a PDF file by simply entering the link to the webpage. The saved PDF file retains the formatting of the webpage including the text and images.
  3. PDF Conversion –co supports conversion of PDF documents to a host of other file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, JSON, CSV, text, and HTML.
  4. Split PDF – If you thought conversion was the best thing, you’ll be surprised at what more PDF.co has to offer. With its ‘split PDF’ feature, you can extract a single page or multiple pages from your document. In the case of multiple page extraction, if your page selection is continuous, the selected pages are extracted into a single document. If the page selection is discontinuous, PDF.co automatically extracts the pages as separate PDF documents.
  5. Merge PDF – Here’s where PDF.co shines. Using the ‘merge PDF’ feature, you can easily combine two or more documents into a single PDF file. What sets PDF.co apart from other similar platforms is its ability to rearrange the uploaded PDF documents before merging them.
  6. Sign PDF –co also allows you to sign your PDF documents – something that you don’t find often on other identical services. With this innovative feature, all you have to do is draw your signature in the space provided, add an optional text to the document, and proceed to preview, where you can choose the page in which you wish your signature and text to appear. Thereafter, simply resize and reposition them accordingly. And that’s it!
  7. Barcode Generator and Reader – Support for reading barcodes from a multitude of file formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP is another feature that is exclusive to PDF.co. Furthermore, it can also generate barcodes of different types (as a PNG image) for any specified value or text.
  8. Virtual Reality Viewer – This new and revolutionary feature allows you to experience a truly unique way of viewing PDFs. Intelligently utilizing the power of Virtual Reality, PDF.co has made it possible to view multiple pages of your PDF document simultaneously without the need to install any fancy application or software. What’s even better is that you can even make the viewing experience more immersive with a VR headset and a smartphone.

With absolutely no additional software required to be installed onto your hard drive, PDF.co is quick and versatile as it only requires a web browser and works on all major operating systems. It also ranks high when it comes to protecting your privacy, as it encrypts all the uploaded documents by utilizing the HTTPS SSL protocol, and removes the uploaded files permanently from its servers after a certain period of time. PDF.co also offers free utilities for the Windows operating system for offline use, so that your workflow does not get interrupted due to lack of internet connectivity. Also, the entire service is free and does not require you to purchase any subscriptions; you can convert the unlimited number of files without annoying delays or waiting periods. With such an unprecedented focus on simplicity and security, PDF.co is undoubtedly miles ahead of its competition.


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