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How to Create a Chart or Graph in Excel?
The users can use Excel to put together some numeric data and have a better visualization of that data using graphs or charts. Charts or graphs visually represent the relationship between the numeric data. This visual representation, or charts, makes it easier to comprehend the data and helps make essential business decisions. Types of Charts in Excel The data tables in Excel vary based on their complexity and size. Therefore, the users prefer a visual [...]
How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel?
The users can use Excel for multiple purposes, including logging data in raw format, recording data in experiments, and logging the organization’s data that contains expenses, production, arrears, or any numerical value that needs to be recorded. There are many datasets, and the users need to filter them to understand them. Pivot tables come in handy while working with various data sets. A Pivot table is a powerful feature of Excel that helps extract information [...]
How to Remove Duplicate Values in Excel?
Microsoft Excel is a widely used application in almost every field. However, it is confusing for beginners or people who seldom use this application. Especially removing duplicates while working on massive databases. It is very usual to have copies when several people have access. Thus, the wider the horizon greater the possibility of problematic and unidentified data. Following is an illustration of removing duplicates in Excel using an employee datasheet. Locating and Eliminating Duplicate Data [...]
How to Create a DropDown List in Excel?
The users use Excel to organize and calculate their data. Therefore, the dropdown lists in Excel benefit them if they want to select an item from multiple item lists instead of typing them repeatedly. Steps to Create a DropDown List in Excel Steps to Edit the DropDown List Editing using Data Validation Editing the Table Entries Directly Steps to Create a DropDown List in Excel Following are the steps to create a dropdown list in [...]
CSV Format: History, Advantages and Why It Is Still Popular
Comma-separated values (more commonly known as the CSV) are a very popular format that is used heavily for data storage and manipulation tasks. This is the go-to format for many scientific and business operations. The specialty of the CSV format lies in its simplicity. The CSV format is primarily used for storing tabular data i.e. data that can be decomposed into rows and columns. A CSV file consists of one or more rows. Each row, [...]
Ultimate Comparison: RPA vs Excel Programming
RPA and Excel both are responsible for bringing a revolution in the computer science world. RPA is responsible for bringing automation while Excel too is responsible for bringing a kind of automation in processing large sets of data but it is a little different from RPA. This post explains the difference between RPA and Excel. RPA  EXCEL Robotic process automation (RPA) platform is used to develop a software robot (or ‘RPA bot’) to reproduce the [...]
Learn TOP-40 Excel Advanced Features and Functions in 2023
Microsoft Office Excel is one of the most important tools to perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information. It helps people to organize and process data by the use of columns and rows with formulas and some cool features of MS Excel. In MS-Excel 2010, row numbers range from 1 to 1048576. There are a total of 1048576 rows, and columns range from A to XFD and there are a total of [...]
How to Convert PDF Files into Excel Chart Creation
PDF files are the most commonly used file formats in electronic documents. It is widely known that PDF is the single most popular format for documents outside of the office. You will most likely encounter PDF files at work virtually every other day. One of the most common problems associated with PDF documents is their conversion to other formats for modification and different usage. You might perhaps want to open and modify a chart in [...]
Guide on How to Convert Excel and PDF into Flat Files
You might have come across the name flat-file and wondered what it is and why it is important. Well, a flat file is a file that contains records that do not have a structured interrelationship. It is simply a text file that does not contain any structured characters of processing from application files such as Excel and PDF. A flat file is made up of a single data table. A flat file allows a user [...]
Exporting/Converting Excel to different formats with ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK
Let's say you have an Excel file and you want to convert it to different formats like JSON/PDF/CSV etc. One way is to get data out of it and manually perform saving data to a particular format, you need to make sure you are syntactically correct and follow all format related specifications. Another way to use some third-party libraries for this task. In this article, we’ll be using Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK for the same task. [...]