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Excel XLS

Advanced Action Formulas and Functions: Reading and Writing Excel Files
Excel files or more commonly known as spreadsheets are used to store, manipulate, analyze and retrieve statistical data. Spreadsheets work as a down-featured version of database management systems. Common uses of spreadsheets include daily price charts and sales data, student result calculation, employee salary management and similar systems. In short, almost all the statistical data can be stored, manipulated and presented in the form of graphs, charts, and tables via spreadsheets. The best thing about spreadsheets [...]
XLS File Format – Structure, Versions and Advantages
XLS is a file extension used for spreadsheets created using Microsoft’s Excel application. XLS was the extension which was used for Microsoft Excel files created before MS Excel 2007 was released.  MS Excel 2007 introduced a new file extension known as XSLS. This new file format utilized XML file formatting. The data storage technique in XLS is based on traditional BIFF (Binary Interchange File Format). In BIFF, data is first converted into the binary format [...]