Why use ASP.NET for Web Application Development?
Developers now have many technologies available for projects. But these are some of the biggest and most basic advantages ASP.NET provides. ASP.NET advantages ASP.NET requires less coding for application development. Just in time compilation, early binding and caching services are available right out of the box. You can reuse a large library of built-in classes. This significantly reduces the amount of coding required. ASP.NET supports common language runtime. Subsequently, it can support several languages, such [...]
ByteScout .NET BearVB 6 is old application development framework that targets the COM infrastructure which in turn depends upon the useable components of the windows framework. VB 6 is considered extremely simple since it doesn’t depend on outside components since all the functions and features that are required by the application are shipped in the form of runtime libraries with VB 6 application code. VB 6 code can either be compiled to interpreted P code [...]
Read the 1st part of the article 3. Amazon AWSAmazon AWS based cloud hosting services such as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based hosting providers. IaaS lets developers do pretty much anything on the hosting machine. From deployment of customized OS to customized configuration, Amazon AWS offers complete control over the hosting environment. This is ideal for the developers who want total control the hosting platform. This is another [...]
If you have developed an ASP.NET and do not know where to deploy your applications, this article might be the one for you. In this article we shall review famous cloud hosting platforms for deploying ASP.NET based applications. Microsoft Window AzureWindow Azure is a platform as a service could hosting provider. Azure is a self-managed hosting service which saves developers from the OS configuration and maintenance headaches and lets them focus on the application development [...]
Read the 1st part of the article  3. MicrosoftVirtualAcademy MicrosoftVirtualAcademy is another Microsoft resource for learning ASP.NET. The website contains video lectures for novice programmers as well as for experts. 4. is an online learning platform that contains video lecture on almost every technology. It also has many courses dedicated to ASP.NET. Though, most of the video courses on are paid, but they are worth the price.5. is another online resource for learning ASP.NET [...]
ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft’s .NET framework and is considered Microsoft’s premier server side programming language. There are two approaches to program websites using ASP.NET: Web Forms approach and the MVC approach. Web forms approach is the older approach and is suited more to the programmers who are switching from Windows Form applications to web applications, while MVC is more suited to web developers who follow patterns and like to program in component oriented way. [...]
ByteScout updated software for reading barcodes: ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.20.1312  and BarCode Reader Freeware 8.20.1319 on January 28, 2015.What's new ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.20.1312:improved barcode reading support in .net and asp.netimproved pdf reading supportnew source code samples addedupdated documentationMore info about ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.20.1312 is here.What's new BarCode Reader Freeware 8.20.1319:improvements in reading barcodes from images and barcodes from pdfreading barcodes from live camera function improvedminor fixes and improvementsMore info about BarCode Reader Freeware 8.20.1319 is here.
ByteScout updated developer librariesByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 5.80.1781 and ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 5.20.1870. Also, the freeware PDF Viewer 5.20.1871 was released in January 2015.What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 5.80.1781:PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, PDF to Text functionality updatedOCRMode now provides 9 modes.DetectLineInsteadOfParagraph now works much better. Set it to False to capture multiline text in table cells!PDF controls support improvedFDF and XFDF data extraction and more!What's new ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 5.20.1870:improved pdf to image in .net and asp.netimproved controls [...]
ByteScout's November PDF libraries updates for developer arePDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747 and PDF To HTML SDK 5.10.1750.What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747:PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, PDF to Text functions improved;now supports text extraction from text controls;XML extractor now adds font style, size, name, text coordinates into <text> tags;ASP.NET sample for OCR usage added;new property OCRLanguageDataFolder to specify the location of "tessdata" folder;improved support of PDF files;improves support for rotated text;updated source code samples;updated documentation;minor improvements and fixes.What's new ByteScout [...]
Image To Video SDK 2.10.813 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1346 are released on April 7, 2014.What's new Image To Video SDK 2.10.813:convert images into video, jpg to avi, jpg to wmv, png to videoWMVVideoBitrate incorrectly read issue fixed issue with incorrect output video duration when background music is used was fixedminor fixes and improvementsDownload evaluation version: info:'s new Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1346:read xls, write xls, read csv, read xlsx, write xlsx in .NET and ASP.NET.NET 4.50 dlls addedVisual Studio 2013 support improvedXLSX and XLS writing improvedIndex Out Of Range error fixed Formula calculation improvednew Worksheet.SaveAsTXT, SaveAsCSV, SaveAsXML methods with encoding selectionnumber formatting related [...]