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What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.00.1172:read barcodes faster and better in your desktop and web applications;new barcode types supported: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, ITF-14, Code 93, MSI, GTIN-14;improved support for barcode reading from noisy images (lot of images works without need to enable noise removal);IMPORTANT: changes to the API: barcode type selection changed to set of bool properties, for example, now you should set barcode types like this: bc.BarcodeTypesToFind.EAN13 = truePDF support improved;improved 2D barcodes reading;new source code samples [...]
ByteScout team worked hard in March, 2014 and released 4 new versions software for developers:BarCode Reader SDK Reader freeware Extractor SDK 3.40.1349PDF To HTML SDK 3.40.1339What's new BarCode Reader SDK 7.00.1109:new Postnet (1D) and MicroPDF (2D) barcodes support added;new WIAImageScanner class is available through ActiveX/COM;PDF support improved. Interleaved 2 of 5 and 2D barcodes reading improved;the issue with reading first barcode only from PDF documents and some minor bugs were fixed;new source code samples: ASP.NETBarcodes from Live WebCam (C#) to show how to read barcodes in web [...]
read the first part hereLinear BarcodesLinear barcodes are commonly referred as first generation barcodes. These barcodes consist of vertical lines at specific gaps resulting in a particular pattern.  Hardware scanners are used to scan these patterns and decode the information stored in those particular patterns. These barcodes are also commonly called discrete, one dimensional or UPC barcodes. The examles of linear barcodes are  Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN 128, UPC-E,  UPC-A, ISBN etc.Advantages of Linear Barcodes• In [...]
read the first part hereLimitations• It is not suitable for items which require large amount of information to be encoded. In that case, length of the code 39 barcode becomes too large which is not appropriate for encoding as well as decoding.• Code 39 barcode can be easily damaged and distorted like any linear barcode.Usage• Code 39 is commonly used in store items, inventories, badges and similar everyday items.• It is widely used in health [...]
Linear and 2-D BarcodesBarcodes have now become an essential part of almost every Brick and Mortar Company. You will rarely find a product without a barcode Tag. Different types of barcodes are used for different purposes in business sectors. There are several advantages of using barcodes as compared to manual data entry. Typical usage of barcodes include• Tracking sale and purchase of large number of items in an inventory.• Barcodes are pasted sports tickets which [...]
Code 39Code 39 is one of the most widely and commonly used barcode type. It is a linear or 1d barcode and is also known as USS code 39, code 3 of 9, Alpha 39, USD-3, and Type 39. Code 39 is capable of encoding all the alphanumeric characters (26 Alphabets and 10 numeric characters ranging from 0 to 9).  It can also encode space and six special characters including dollar sign ($), Period (.), [...]