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Can Big Data and AI Work Together?
Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have a symbiotic connection. Big data analytics uses AI for more useful data research. In favor, AI needs a huge hierarchy of data to understand and enhance decision-making methodologies. This article is all about how artificial intelligence and Big Data work together. Let's take a look at it. How Are AI and Big Data Associated? Employing machine learning for big data is an analytical action for businesses scrutinizing to [...]
Can AI and RPA Work Together?
AI delivers an analytical advancement for robotic process automation (RPA), so it’s only appropriate that the robots return the endorsement. RPA can assist users to solve the difficult challenge of AI implementation, so users bring AI into production quickly. This post is all about the important question: Can AI and RPA work together? Let's take a look at it in more detail. AI + RPA = Intelligent Process Automation When RPA and AI merge, they [...]
RPA vs JavaScript Programming
The technology world is full of surprises. Of course, we all understand that remodeling a business composition isn’t always worthwhile. It needs a lot of improvement and a lot of investment (time and money). You may not have the leisure to develop from the ground up. That’s when computer science enters with amazing tools like RPA or programming benefits like JavaScript. Let’s take a look at the difference between RPA and JavaScript. What is RPA? [...]
Ultimate Comparison: RPA vs Excel Programming
RPA and Excel both are responsible for bringing a revolution in the computer science world. RPA is responsible for bringing automation while Excel too is responsible for bringing a kind of automation in processing large sets of data but it is a little different from RPA. This post explains the difference between RPA and Excel. RPA  EXCEL Robotic process automation (RPA) platform is used to develop a software robot (or ‘RPA bot’) to reproduce the [...]
How to Start Learning RPA
Increased adoption of the robotics process automation is turning heads. The emerging technology, although not new, is increasingly garnering attention from both individuals and organizations. Using RPA technology to automate business processes, according to McKinsey, can increase business ROI within the first year by up to 200%. Make Your Robots - Try RPA Tools Despite the promising high returns over investment, other businesses across the world fear being driven out of business within the next [...]
Robotic Process Automation in HR
The human resource department is entitled to some of the most labor-intensive tasks. Most of these tasks are paper-based and repetitive in nature. HR is responsible for handling most of the administrative and operational processes of an organization. A survey conducted a few years ago indicated that most of the tasks associated with HR are still paper-based and are heavily dependant on human intervention. They found that processes such as employee onboarding, separation, and file [...]
How RPA is Transforming Education Institutions
Automation is now the buzzword in virtually every sector - legal industry, healthcare, finance, and others. While some sectors are experiencing significant growth and improvement in their bottom line as a result of automation, the education sector seems to be lagging in getting on this fantastic and incredible technological trend. You will still find some educators following the old way of doing things which requires a pen and paper to manage attendance, grade students, or [...]
How To Introduce RPA Into Your Law Firm
Robotic Process Automation has been finding significant relevance in all fields, sectors, and enterprises. Every business wants to automate its processes to achieve productivity, efficiency, and quality customer experience. Law firms have bought into the idea, and RPA is presently being implemented to simplify work processes in the legal business. Any large law firm that requires extensive documentation, as well as data authentication, will find RPA useful. Law firms need to stay in the loop [...]
How to Use Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring
When analyzing real-world data sets, a common desire to determine the data points that stand out from the rest arises. These data points that stand out are known as anomalies. The process in which these outstanding data points are determined is called anomaly detection. These anomalies are ordinarily brought about by errors in data. In some cases, the anomalies are brought about by underlying processes that are previously not known. Detecting outliers correctly is an [...]
RPA Use Cases in Manufacturing
Robotic Process Automation provides the tools and technologies that have the capability of fast-forwarding many aspects of the manufacturing pipeline. These tools give rise to what is known as 'smart factories' - interconnected smart devices, 3D printing, and much more. That being said, the 2020 industry outlook on manufacturing from Deloitte suggests it still remains very much a pipe dream. Even less than 25% of the manufacturers surveyed were truly ready for the changes needed [...]