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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vs Traditional Programming
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is gaining popularity fast, and it is taking the place of traditional programming in automating business processes. That has led to some debate as to which one is better suited to the automation of business processes. Read on to learn why you should choose RPA automation anywhere. Watch this video "RPA vs Programming"   Robotic Process Automation vs Programming Less Technology Base and Learning Curve Software Limitations RPA vs Programming Scalability [...]
RPA in Healthcare – Use Cases
A recent study found out that companies considered Robotic Process Operations because of improved productivity, as well as enhanced customer experience. Organizations in diverse sectors classified RPA as a progressive leap into the world of Artificial Intelligence. The technology employs software robots, virtual workers, and mimics humans to implement tasks. It can also process complex information at top-notch speed. We explained all these benefits in our article, "What Are The Key Benefits of RPA(Robotic Process [...]
How RPA & AI Will Revolutionize The BPO Industry
There is a very interesting similarity between Robotic Process Automation and the BPO sector. Both of them are strictly interested in outsourcing the job. In the case of RPA, it's from the human workforce to their robotic counterpart. But again, that is one of the key reasons why it is becoming more and more popular in the BPO industry. Studies suggest that employing offshore resources can be a 3x costlier compared to automating the process. [...]
Facial Recognition and AI: Latest Developments and Future Direction
The previous year has witnessed the emergence of several platforms, Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools, and applications that are built on Machine Learning(ML). We compared both in this article titled, “Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?”. This year has also seen a lot of technological trends that have significant impacts on software, as well as the internet industry. The results are apparent in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and automobile. The development of AI and ML applications [...]
RPA in the Future: Robotic Process Automation Innovations in 2020
Several innovations in the scientific, medical, technical, philosophical and sociological fields have been misconstrued in their early days. They later mainstreamed after several years of their existence, sometimes spanning decades. We can go back in time to talk about instances of this event from Socrates to Nicolaus Copernicus, as well as Galileo Galilei to Darwin and the Scopes attempts. Another notable instance is that of Stem cell research which has encountered similar situations over the [...]
RPA in Banking: Real-Life Use Cases
Banks have numerous routine daily tasks. Solving those tasks with the help of humans will always take a lot of time and be error-prone. But, thankfully, Robotic Process Automation in banking saves us a lot by delivering quick, error-free, and smart solutions to all these problems. How does it do it? Let’s take a quick look! What is RPA in banking operations? RPA in the banking industry is a revolutionary technology that will change the [...]
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance: Use Cases
Robotic process automation (RPA) has been redefining automation in finance and accounting. It would not be an over-emphasis to conclude that the shift is faster than any form of technologies in existence. However, the question has always been, "Why is RPA gaining so much momentum?  For newbies, RPA will simplify data by 80% in financial close, accounts payable, tax accounting, and lots more. RPA optimizes credit card processing RPA Finance Processes secures endpoint against  cyber [...]
Business Process Automation vs Robotic Process Automation
When you compare BPA Vs RPA, which one is the better automation solution for your business? What are the merits of business process automation vs. robotic process automation? Business Process Automation (BPA) is a solution that uses a holistic approach when automating business operations.  Instead of focusing on individual automatable tasks, a BPA solution focuses on automating and improving the entire business’s operations. The aim of a BPA solution is to streamline and increase efficiency [...]
Software “Robots” vs Hardware Robots in RPA
Robots are everywhere these days. The world of computer science and technology is full of software robots and hardware robots which are responsible for bringing automation. RPA is a kind of  business process automation that enables anyone to describe a set of directions for a robot or ‘bot’ to give error-free solutions. There are differences between the two. Hardware robots are employed to automate some real tasks, such as in construction. However, many kinds of [...]
History of RPA and Business Automation
We live in a world where the market is becoming increasingly dynamic and the competition is aggressive. Corporative rivals are mercilessly fighting back and the survival of an organization that bases their business on traditional concepts has been called into question. Intensive development of the computer and communication technologies has led to the globalization and integration of business processes and markets. In order to keep existing in today’s market, firms need to become part of [...]