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Bytescout Mobile Scan App Introduction

Mobile devices are drastically changing everything – from the way we carry on business transactions to the way we shop for our groceries. They are quickly replacing the need to have desktops or laptops, and are now the computing platform of choice for many businesses and consumers alike.

While digital document management has become a larger part of the way in which companies and individuals conduct their business, there is still a degree of authenticity that comes from presenting specific documents, and for that, you need a scanner.

With ByteScout’s Mobile Scan app, you have one more powerful function that your device can help you with. The application allows you to utilize your device’s camera to produce high-quality scans of your documents and pictures and eliminates the need for a separate machine to take care of your scanning needs, allowing you to manage your business and provide high-quality documents without needing access to an office. Here are some of the important features of the application.

  1. Speed and Versatility: Designed for the sole purpose of making scanning documents an easy and quick process, the ByteScout Mobile Scan application offers an ideal solution for clear, hassle-free scans, and does not require any additional equipment. Its one-click scan feature is simple and straightforward, saves a ton of your time, and lets you scan documents clearly without any aberrations using built-in post-processing filters.
  2. Deep Integration: The mobile scan application is deeply integrated with the other ByteScout processing tools and solutions. With this level of integration, you can scan your documents through your mobile device, and convert them into a PDF document or read barcodes and QR codes almost instantly by sending the scanned images directly to ByteScout’s server.
  3. Advanced Editing: Advanced editing algorithms of the application such as angle correction and auto-detection of borders automatically normalize the images irrespective of the angle of the scan. Lossless compression of the documents is another helpful feature that helps keep the file size to a minimum without reducing the quality. Shadow and noise filters reduce dark spots and help produce an evenly lit image. Furthermore, adaptive color processing helps to accurately reproduce the colors for a more professional looking scan.
  4. Security: Here’s where the application really shines. Unlike other mobile scanning solutions, the ByteScout Mobile Scan app takes security to the next level by enabling you to lock your scanned documents with a password, so you can rest assured that your private and confidential data is always kept that way.

And these aren’t the only features the ByteScout Mobile Scan is equipped with. The application also provides numerous ways to extract, save, and edit the data in your scanned documents. What’s even more exciting is the fact that you can sync, share, and manage your documents via the cloud, making your work accessible not only to yourself but also to others (and that’s without compromising on security either). With so many features and cutting-edge image processing technology, organizing your documents will now be a cinch with ByteScout Mobile Scan.


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