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How to Be an Effective Freelance Developer

The world of freelance is expanding. Now, more and more websites offer a free area for freelance and remote work. was one of the first ones to have these solutions. You simply build a profile for efficient connection with possible employers.

The freelance world is becoming tougher each day. The level of competition arises between different platforms. That is why they offer loyal conditions to freelancers, provide add-ons to their service, give bonuses, etc.

Developer freelancing is even tougher as there is way more competition among freelancers willing to get paid online. However, even such a big amount of competitors can be overcome by a really skillful person working as a freelance web developer.

How to start building your developer profile

It is as easy as creating a social media page. Though, you will need to show recommendations and references from previous clients in order to confirm a valuable input into the freelancers’ base.

So, how to become a web developer online?

Start looking for remote job opportunities or try to transfer the existing clients to a remote basis. It will not be easy until you show your irrefutable capacities as a developer able to be constantly reachable online.

We’ve already shared a piece of advice about how to start as a freelancer and manage your freelancer page.

All you need to do is update the information on a regular basis and search for new clients. The more details you into the profile – the better. You can use those helpful websites to get you all done.

The information should be real and engaging. Check the most successful freelancers’ profiles first and create something similar when becoming a web developer on freelance. Luck is transferable.

What is so important in effective freelancing?

  • Organize the time effectively according to a number of tasks. It is better to correlate the working day with the time zone of your clients. You should be available all the time. Once your client needs to talk – you will have to struggle with your duties and to be responsive. Of course, in some cases learn to say “no” as it helps you to gain respect from potential clients.
  • Be ready to dedicate the whole time to your remote work. In the beginning, you will have to work as a freelancer more than usual, to spend extra hours on tasks and not to be paid for all the time spent. It is so because you strengthen the effectiveness without affecting the work on your current projects;
  • Learn about new technologies and be up-to-date. Do not hesitate to spend more time learning new languages and techniques. Take more difficult projects to have the opportunity to grow in practice. Be brave and tackle sudden difficulties;
  • Put efforts to manage your own self-company. It is better to set a range of services you can offer and the rate you consider appropriate for these services. The priority list of tasks and schedules should be at hand;
  • Filter clients and opportunities. Try not to assume all possible projects even if you want to seem ready to work on anything or fully available. Focus on what is more important for you now. Say “no” to low budget clients or disrespectful clients.
  • Always check that you’re qualified for the job you undertake. If not, you will meet unfriendly reviews afterward.

How We Choose a Freelance Developer

Once in a while, we need some developer tasks to be done by freelancers from UpWork or any other freelance platforms. However, it is not so easy to find the right person.

We’ve conducted a search for technical writers to enrich our Blog with fresh and interesting tutorials for junior and advanced developers. Most of the writers did not have a specific knowledge base to be able to write high-class extensive tutorials about C#, Javascript, .Net, etc.

Based on that experience we can give the following advice to anyone becoming a freelance web developer:

  • It is always rewarding to focus on one specific industry and to provide a top-quality solution for the client’s request. In web development, this condition is especially important because finding a freelance developer with the necessary characteristics and knowledge of specific programming languages is a very big deal.
  • Close interaction with clients – that is what most freelance developers lack. Work as a freelancer online implies fast responsiveness and readiness to fix errors in a short period of time. Basically, every worker should be available for this. However, people who become programmers online, have a sort of utmost involvement in the working process. They don’t have the opportunity to often keep in touch with clients.



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